5 Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

If we were to measure, our bodies consist of at least 60% water. Experts recommend that we drink at least eight glasses of 8-ounce water each day. This 8X8 rule is commonly followed when it comes to the amount of water we should drink on a daily basis. This rule, of course, has a solid science backing behind it but what no one will contest is that it is super crucial to stay hydrated at all times.

Let us check out the top 5 benefits of drinking pure water and ensuring your body stays hydrated throughout the day and night! Due to high impurity, there is high increase of demand for water purifier. Even doctors recommend some of the best water purifier in India that is suitable according to habitat.

  • It maximizes your physical performance.

If you do not drink enough water daily, your body will not only struggle with staying hydrated, but your physical performance will also substantially suffer. Drinking enough water is especially vital during high heat and intense exercise. If you are dehydrated, that has a significant effect on your body. In such a scenario, you end up losing at least 2% of the total volume of water from your body. This also results in reduced motivation, modified body temperature control, increased fatigue as well as reduced motivation. Therefore, if you wish to perform your very best mentally as well as physically, it is critical to stay hydrated.

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  • Proper hydration means that you will be more energetic and will have a better brain function.

Your hydration status also significantly influences your brain function. According to several studies, even if you are suffering from mild dehydration, your brain function can be impaired in many aspects. A study done on young women even shows that a loss of merely 1.36% of fluid from the body can affect both the concentration and mood of a person in addition to enhancing the frequency of headaches you normally experience. The same study in men shows heightened sensations of fatigue and anxiety as well as detrimental working memory. Therefore, drinking enough water is crucial if you wish to avoid impaired mood, memory as well as a decreased brain function.

  • It can also treat or prevent the occurrence of headaches.

Dehydration has also been known to trigger frequent cases of headaches as well as migraines in many individuals. According to research, water can go a long way in relieving headaches in people who are merely dehydrated. That said, this also depends a lot on the kind of headache a person has. Although drinking water might or might not have any change in your headache, more often than not, you will experience substantial relief from the intensity of a headache. Also, the frequency of headaches you experience on a daily basis can also be reduced if you just drink the prescribed amount of water daily.  

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  • It relieves constipation.

Countless people experience constipation due to lousy lifestyles as well as infrequent bowel movements. The best treatment protocol you can follow in this case is drinking enough water to increase the fluid percentage in your body. This treatment is backed by adequate evidence. Young, as well as elderly individuals, usually experience constipation due to low water consumption. Therefore, simply by drinking pure water, you can relieve the symptoms of constipation and pass stool easily.

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