5 ecommerce Growth Hacking tactics that will Skyrocket your sales

If you’re into marketing, you might have heard the word growth hacking. The word gained popularity the year 2010. When the marketers related driving growth with ways to some tactics that can help brands grow fast.

In today’s world, growth hacking is used extensively in the online world and in the tech industry to gain attention of the people. A growth hacking is a mindset of growth that can help businesses sustain their business.

Traditionally, growth hacking is generating online sales with a relentless focus on how to grow business by running campaigns and other tactics that drive sales for the business.

To begin with, let us look at some of the easiest yet effective ways in which you can drive sales and grow your business to a next level.

  • Build trust fast

Regardless of how beautiful your ad is or how emotional is your brand story, it can mean nothing if the customer is not able to trust you.

When customers visit a website what they are looking for is not just a product or a brand, they want a company that can make them feel safe.

When a visitor sees customer feedback about a brand on the main page, it helps the new visitor create a perfection of the brand in his mind.

When a customer sees security badges of popular companies it relieves the customer in a way that they start thinking about buying from the store.

When people trust a certain brand, they tend to trust everything from that brand even you logo design impact in your branding.

If you’re a startup and want to build trust fast – the easiest way is to start guest posting on authoritative websites.

When the readers on these websites will come across your brand, they will know that your brand is trustworthy, and they can use it without doubting your authority.

While writing guest post for a high-end website, ensure that you don’t go too promotional. The best way is to offer something exceptional. Give some value to the users first. And in the end, you can add call-to-action button directing it on your website.

  • Which product pages are doing well?

A/B testing is not a new thing.

Whenever you make a page on your website, don’t just make one page and forget about it. The wise advice is to make 2-3 variations of the page and see which one is generating the most traffic and attention.

If you check the website of any professional website design agency, you’ll note that the finished page looks like perfect. The images, the content, and even the alignment of elements on the page.

This was not done in one go. What seems perfect right now was tested a thousand times before you’re seeing it.

Nowadays there is a lot of hype about landing pages.

Pick services from your niche that are doing well and develop landing pages for those services.

Once you know what the audience want, you can drive business by making variations of the page and finding out which of the pages are doing great?

  • Don’t Forget the ‘Buy Again’ email

This I’ve learned from my friend who owns an ecommerce store.

Whenever a visitors makes a purchase from your store, send a buy again email.

No, you’re not forcing the customer to buy more from you. In fact, the theme of this email should be giving away discount of the next order. And to make things interesting, it is better to set a time limit for the discount.

When you apply urgency to anything, people start taking notice.

You can test this on your next email.

Send a normal email and see customers respond. And send an email with an urgent discount offer.

I won’t tell you because I already know which email will get the best response.

  • Get Personalized

Hey Jeff, is always a better greeting than Hey WhoEverYouAre.

Focus your efforts on making the customer feel at home. When a customer visits your website, they should get a personalized feeling across the website.

It is not just about product benefits, you can show personal stories of people. How your brand made their lives beautiful?

When the visitors on your website feel that you have invested some time in creating beautiful experiences for other customers, they will come to you like a magnet and fall in love with your brand.

From the starting email to the thank you email, ensure that everything gets a personal touch.

A good way to do this is to analyze the behavior of the customer while the customer is browsing your website. It is this time that the customer will share most about their life with the brand. From contact information to their likes and dislikes. You can even ask the customer to fill out a short form and based-upon that form create a memorable customized experience for the customer.

To wrap things up

The goal of every brand is to make sales.

To turn visitors into customer and even raving fans.

Nothing of that source can be achieved by treating customers bad.

Make the customers feel special while doing business with you. It is not just about money, it is about creating a customer experience that will force the customer to come again for more.

The true success of growth hacking lies in creating something which your customers will feel compelled to share with their friends. When the visitors find something worth sharing, they will do that without your permission.

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