5 great benefits of replacing paper-based systems with tablets

Today is the age of digital revolution. Almost everything has been shifted towards its digital counterpart. Traditional business systems are also getting crushed by this wave of technological advancement. Companies that have adopted mobile technology and especially tablets fully in their environment are flying high in the competition. Whereas, the companies that have not yet fully shifted their loads towards mobile devices, are facing downtime. Not only do such companies lose in competition but also lose employee productivity and customer interaction.

Contrary to it, we have seen tons of companies fly like a unicorn that makes use of mobile technology. Companies have learned how to embed technology into the company culture. Nowadays more and more companies are deploying smart tools and making business environment paperless. This rapid shift of companies from traditional paper-based systems to advanced tech-led has become essential in today’s age.

Here are 5 top benefits of replacing paper-based systems with mobile technology.

Leveraging the benefits of the mobile-first world:

There is no doubt we are living in the mobile-first world. Handheld technology is making its way in our department and discipline of life. Humans of today rely on a tablet, mobiles, and pocket computers more than ever before. Even more than that, these devices have become ubiquitous. Data from different researches also back the fact that the world of today is a mobile-first world.

According to a research, there were more than 2 billion smartphone’s in 2016 and the number of users I growing amazingly fast. An independent research also revealed that more 95% of smartphone users use business and other types of mobile applications. The number of people using mobile applications exceeds 200 million and does not seem to slow down anywhere near in the past. So, why not leverage the benefits of mobile-first when you can reach out to billions using just one device.

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Technology-driven business events:

Mobile technology is penetrating everywhere in the business arena. And the most affected segment is business events or gatherings. Business events are not only the way to connect with customers but also with influencers in the niche. Using mobile technology makes these gatherings highly tech savvy and at the same time very connected. Exhibitors can earn a lot of benefits from trade shows, seminars, conferences, and other similar gatherings.

Not only mobile devices are replacing here paper-based workflows but also traditional technologies. Short term rental services are also making iPad and other audiovisual technologies the hot favorite among entrepreneurs.

Connected interfaces help mobile workers:

The revolution of technology has come with a lot of individual gadgets that are now being connected for even better output. Devices like a tablet, laptop, and Ipads for schools all can connect with a single interface called the internet. Cloud computing is also making a serious impact on the connectivity of different types of devices. One can easily now synchronize its laptop, tablet or personal computer on the go with its smartphone. It has made enormously easy to update and retrieve data anywhere anytime. The result is mobile or filed workers can easily access any data on the go.

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Consider yourself as custodian for the huge stockpile of thousands of documents. How difficult it would be if you needed to retrieve a single record out of thousands of documents. Also, papers have a limited lifetime that is also impacted by external factors. Making backups is also very difficult. It requires a great bit of space too. All these factors enhance the cost of data saving for any company. On the other hand, cloud systems make it extremely easy to save, retrieve and edit documents. You do not need to physically store any data yet it is available on all your devices.

The biggest risk in case of paper-based data storage is a loss of important record. Because once lost it becomes very difficult to back up. Hence businesses can suffer a huge loss.

Mobile technology makes daily operations smooth:

One of the best benefits that tech-savvy businesses leverage is the smooth daily operations. This not only helps in internal affairs but also helps organizations better customer services, acquisition, and retention. Employees also feel very much charged when they get help from technology in routine and daily tasks. Mobile applications of every type are available for the organization to fully leverage the power of mobile technologies such as iPad or any other tablet. Almost, every office productivity software is now available on the App Store and Play Store. According to a research, iPad is the best device to use for secretary. Also, it can easily be used outside by field or mobile workers.


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