5 useful vaping tips for first Timer

The vape kits of the contemporary world are designed to allow for the best vaping experience that you could ask for. However, just having the best vape kits will not make a lot of difference if you are a first-time vaper with little or no knowledge of the vaping trends. So, here are tips to help you get accustomed

Why Do You Vape?

Vaping has now become a very prominent part of the instruments used to inhale nicotine. The improvement in the technology and the introduction of e liquids such as nicotine salt e liquids have made the nicotine feel of the vaping so much better than what it once was and eventually brought it to toe to toe with the nicotine feel of cigarettes themselves, without all the harmful effects that cigarettes entail.

For many years now, cigarettes have taken a backseat while vapes have come out on top of the nicotine game. There are several reasons for this, but the fact remains that vapes have themselves opened up a parallel dimension and are not just used to stop cigarette smoking anymore. Many vapers now vape for the experience of vaping itself and never have, in their life smoked a cigarette.

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So, since there are several reasons to vape, you need to make sure you have your head straight before you jump into it. This will direct you to options within the vaping premises that will help you choose the right products for you. Decide why you vape may involve you asking yourself the questions whether you prefer vapor production over flavor, or you prefer a combination of both? Are you into vaping for nicotine or do you want to have a nicotine-free vaping experience? Do you want the most out of your nicotine feel? Are you into dessert-themed flavors or not? The questions do not ever stop really.

The Nicotine Fix

Nicotine is a crucial part of your vaping experience. Most vapers will go for at least some nicotine in their e liquids rather than going nicotine free. Although vapers who prefer to vape nicotine free are very few, the number is still large enough to show up in the charts. This information is presented here to make you realize that nicotine is one of the major determinants for your vaping and hence, the decision of selecting the nicotine content in your flavor is a crucial one.

The principle rule that governs nicotine content is that you should neither go for too much, nor too little of it. If you choose more than you can handle (which many inexperienced vapers tend to do), you will end up with severe throat hits and no real satisfaction from vaping. On the other hand, too little nicotine in your flavor will mean that you get no real sense of vaping.

It must be noted here that the choice of the nicotine content is extraordinarily subjective and even if you use the best vape kits, you will not be able to enjoy the vape flavor until or unless you get the nicotine content right.

Coil Care

Although a coil is a tiny part of a vaping kit, it has the massive impact on your vaping experience. It is the coils that heat up upon connection with the batteries, in turn heating up the e-liquid and producing vapor from it. The life of coils, however, is not very long and many inexperienced vapers fail to realize this fact.

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Even the best coils in the best vape kits will only last for a few weeks. The life may even be shorter given that you vape flavors with extra sweetness in them and vape very frequently. You can tell that your coil has run out by the burnt taste that you start to get on your e-liquid. You can then change your coils that are all available in the market at low prices.


Flavors are the charm of vaping. It was this feature that always kept cigarettes from achieving the success that vapes have and it is this feature that is fast leading to the downfall of cigarettes against vapes. When you talk about flavors as an inexperienced vaper, you tend to ignore several constituents of a flavor. These constituents will affect not only the taste but also factors such as throat hit, cloud production and so on. The PG to VG ratio, for instance, dictates the flavor to vapor configuration of the e-liquid; the sweetness in the liquid affects coil health; the nicotine will give you throat hit and so will a wrong combination between PG and VG.

Safety First

The initial blasting vape kits were a severe cause of concern for vapers as well as manufacturers. However, manufacturers took immediate steps to take care of the problem and the FDA directly intervenes to handle these problems. The reason behind these explosions came out to be the fact that either the vaper has used too for far too long without giving the device any rest, the device had been kept in the sun for far too long, or that the batteries were of substandard quality. Although now the best vape kits have tackled all these problems effectively, it is always smart to take caution in all these aspects.


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