Are Virtual Skins Too Expensive?

Are Virtual Skins Too Expensive?

The new era of gaming brought us many free-to-play games. However, the majority of those so-called free-to-play games have microtransactions. In most games, money can’t buy you a skill or anything that will help you improve. The only thing you can purchase are virtual skins. Opening cases to get in-game skins became quite popular during this decade. However, it is not so cheap and therefore a lot of players opts-in for cheaper solutions and third-party case opening websites like But why are skins so expensive?

Pricing of Skins

Unlike many people believe, the price of a single skin isn’t a fixed number set by the manufacturer. Skins are traded between players on a live market. The community dictates the price and it can go up and down at any given moment. Their price is mostly based on demand and rarity. The rarer the skin is, the higher the price, and vice versa.

Enormous Price Tags

The most expensive skin ever sold was souvenir AWP Dragon Lore with Shadoodle’s stickers. Back in 2018, this gorgeous AWP was sold for $61,000. Although there aren’t many collectors that are able to pay this amount of money for a virtual item, one of them did. But why was it so expensive? AWP Dragon Lore is the rarest AWP in the game. It is a part of Cobblestone collection and the regular price of this weapon can vary from $1000 to $5000. This particular AWP was special because it had Skadoodle’s stickers from ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018. That was the first and only major won by any American team and Skadoodle was their primary AWPer on that tournament.

Why do People Even Buy Skins?

Some gamers just like to show off whether it is real life or not. The only way to stand out in the virtual world is by having expensive skins. Another reason to buy skins may be an investment. The price of every skin can go up and down, just like stocks. Some skins that were worth below $1 can be sell for hundreds of dollars nowadays. If you are able to predict the future price of a single skin, you can make a huge profit.

Are They Actually Worth it?

It is hard to answer this question with a simple yes or no. Are Baseball or Pokemon cards worth the price people are willing to pay for it? Yes, they are. If someone is willing to pay for it, then it is worth it. It may not be worth that much to you as an individual, but someone values it and that’s the end of the story. The price of every skin is exactly as high as it needs to be. This is a live market after all, and if something isn’t selling well, the price will go down. But they do sell even though you can’t touch it or feel it just like bitcoin or any other virtual item. We live in the virtual world and we need to accept that. To answer the question above, virtual skins are not too expensive and their price will probably go up.

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