Best Robots Ever Invented

In this article , we look back at some of the best robots ever invented. have different features that can be used to identify and rate them. They have been advanced thanks to high technology .They are not only prototypes but also elaborate plans assembled by billion dollar companies.

There has been significant advancements in the robotic sector during the last few years. From super intelligent humanoids to bionic limbs, below are the best ever robots!

1.Milo Robot

This is a high tech robot developed by American manufactures Robokind to help support children with Autism. It is 2-feet tall and is designed specifically for therapists, parents and eductors to educate children social skills

Milo displays different emotions which learners have to identity using an iPad. As this happens, the robot’s inbuilt cameras monitor the child’s behaviours and provides instant feedback.

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2.Ekso GT

This is the second best Robotic invention so far. Exoskeletons, robots manufactured by Ekso Bionics demonstrate the significant importance robots bring in the medical world. Ekso GT, the latest technology from the company plays significant roles in helping spinal trauma and stroke victims recover and be able to walk again. The robotic suit made from a blend of titanium and aluminum uses battery powered motors to enable movement for the person wearing it. Using it is quite simple, all you have to do is move your hip forward, and the robot will initiate the rest of the steps.


Jibo has the traits of our personal assistant. It recognizes the faces of their owners and can perform social skills like taking pictures at your family celebrations!


Imagine if teleportation was real,you would love to experience it right? Double The robots is a step closer towards teleportation. It has motorised wheels and a screen attached to it enabling you move around and attend to events from the comfort of your house. It is a great invention and could cost you upto $2000 to acquire one.

5.Deka Robot

The bionic limbs inventory has emergency as an exciting aspect of robotic technology. The Deka Arm robot aids people born without limbs and those that lost them through accidents.

It was founded by the DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) in the United States of America. It enables people who’ve experienced upper amputations regain control of their hand and arm.


Pepper is the first ever robot that can recognize and respond to human emotions. It has two HD cameras installed in its head as well as four microphones and a 3D sensor which in union monitor facial expressions and speech patterns.
It was invented by Aldebaran Robotics who say its major aim was to make humans happy.

7.LG Rolling Not

It is a WiFi-based security bot that you can roll easily around your house. The idea is that when you’re not around home, perhaps on holiday or something you can check if things are okay back at home. This eliminates your reliability on family, neighbours or friends to check out things for you.

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Invented and designed by Moley Robotics, Moley is the world’s first kitchen robot. It has robotic arms and humanoid hands that can easily stir and garnish food and replacing the cookers.
You will have to physically cook the meal first so as the robot can master how it’s done.

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