The Best Spelling Check Apps of 2019

Whether you’re writing a novel, creating content for your website or typing an email to your boss, spelling and grammar are very critical. You will need tools that will do the tough task for you: reading over word for word to check for clarity and correctness.

Listed below are some of the best spelling and grammar check apps you can access anywhere on various browsers and devices.


Grammarly is best known for being a great app for social media posts, documents and any other text files. This app is readily available online through its website and also has extensions for Mac and Windows. For those of us Microsoft Word, Grammarly will connect to it directly through the software. It has a mobile keyboard called the Grammarly keyboard that can with both iOS and Android phones.

If you’re using the app for only basic grammar checking and spelling mistakes, it is recommended you go for the free version. However, for comprehensive editing and vocabulary enhancement suggestions, you should go for the Premium plan.

The app is fast, simple to use and very accurate. It links in smoothly when you need it ensuring your grammar is on point no matter you’re typing.


It is an all around app grammar and spelling checker built for all devices. It integrates well with Windows, Mac and all other available browsers. Its mobile version is available for both Android and iOS devices.

It has spelling, grammar, punctuation checker as well as a translation feature. It can translate full-texts to and from 55 different languages. It therefore makes it easy to communicate no matter the country you come from.

WhiteSmoke has different pricing plans namely: Essential , Premium and Business. Its easier accessibility makes it simple to use on whatever device you might be using. The in-built translation makes it simple when writing communication in another language.

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This is one of the best apps for your emails, social media posts as well as Google documents. It ensures all these are error free. It works on both Mac and Windows as well as iOS devices, this is through the Ginger page app. For Android users however, Ginger offers the a keyboard called Ginger Android Keyboard that has similar functions.

To start using it on your desktop, add the Ginger extension to Chrome or Safari. You can also copy paste your text code in the companion window to get started.

Ginger has tools like spelling checker,, sentence rephrase as well as grammar checker. It is free unless you want to access all of its features available in the Premium version which is $20.89 a month.

The in-browser window makes it extremely easy to run a test on your text before emailing it or posting it on social media.


This app corrects your text and has an inbuilt synonym checker to find similar words for your word. It is free on all iOS devices. It also has a Premium version that romoves ads and gives a doorway to more features.

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