Can Amoxicillin Clean Your System for a Drug Test?

Can Amoxicillin Clean Your System for a Drug Test?

Can Amoxicillin clean your urine? In doing so, can taking Amoxicillin clean your system and help you pass an upcoming drug test?

Rumors have been circulating for some time online, concerning Amoxicillin. These suggest that taking the antibiotic just before a drug test, will clean urine to make illicit drug traces undetectable. The only question is, does any evidence support this claim?

Will Amoxicillin Help You Pass a Drug Test?

Here, we’ll put rest the Amoxicillin myth once and for all. No, talking Amoxicillin will not clean traces of drugs from your system.

If you search online for phrases like “can Amoxicillin clean your urine,” you will find that queries almost always return links to different online pharmacies. As it stands, this is no accident.

At present, some unscrupulous online pharmacies are promoting the idea that taking antibiotics can help people pass drug tests, to boost antibiotic sales. Sadly, this both irresponsible and dangerous.

  • Taking antibiotics when doing so isn’t necessary, can make people more susceptible to antibiotic-resistant infections.
  • Amoxicillin and other antibiotics can have both minor and more serious side-effects. (When taken without a prescription.)
  • Neither Amoxicillin nor any other antibiotic can remove traces of illicit drugs from the urine, hair, or bloodstream.

Put simply, antibiotics are fantastic when it comes to removing harmful bacteria from the body. However, no antibiotic will help you outsmart workplace drug screening.

Can Taking Amoxicillin be an Excuse for Failing a Drug Test?

Not all online pharmacies say that taking Amoxicillin will clean urine. Instead, some say that taking Amoxicillin is a good idea before a drug test, as antibiotics are known to cause false-positive results.

The idea is simple. If you fail a drug test, you will be able to tell your employer that this is due to you currently taking antibiotics. However, trying to outsmart a drug test this way simply won’t work.

  • In rare cases, taking some antibiotics can cause false-positive urine drug test results. However, cases are rare.
  • Employers and law enforcement officials can use more accurate confirmatory tests to check for the presence of illicit drugs if they feel this is necessary.
  • If you are taking antibiotics without a prescription, employers and law enforcement officials might suspect you of attempting to outsmart tests on purpose.

How to Properly Flush Drugs From Your System?

Do you have reason to suspect that you might fail an upcoming drug test? If so, don’t worry. There are ways that you can detoxify your body quickly to test negative.

According to this review of THC cleanse products from specialists at Med Signals, there are detox drinks and kits that can eliminate traces of marijuana and other drugs from urine.

If you have an upcoming workplace drug screening, don’t put your health or career at risk by rushing to buy Amoxicillin or other antibiotics. Instead, pass tests smarter, by learning how to genuinely rid drug traces from hair, urine, and even blood samples.

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