e-Rig vs. Nectar Collector

e-Rig vs. Nectar Collector

As technology continues to advance, newer methods of doing things begin to emerge, offering more benefits than old techniques. These changes can also be seen in the world of vaping. Less than a few decades ago, smoking was a trend, but today many have become aware of the health risks associated with the act. Modern devices have been designed as healthier alternatives for people who still consume dry and concentrated cannabis either for medical or recreational purposes.

Some of these devices include vaporizers, e-rigs, and nectar collectors. Today, however, our focus is on the last two.

What is an e-Rig?

E-rig or an electric e-rig is a device that is used for dabbing cannabis wax and oils. It is also called an e-nail and needs a power source to function – either from batteries or direct connection to an electric socket, depending on the size or type.

There are generally two types of e-nails – desktops and portable e-nails. The desktop version is the big and bulky e-rig that has limited mobility. It comes as a box with a PID for monitoring the gauge, a switch, a cable and a coil attached to one end, and the water pipe.

Portable e-nails are designed for mobility, meaning you can travel with them with great ease. These ones depend on batteries for power, and they are easier to use.

E-rigs eliminate many downsides that come with using a traditional dab rig. This includes safety concerns, little to no control over temperature, and wastage of concentrates, which can make the whole dabbing process quite messy.


– Torchless

Not having a torch is the best thing about an electric nail. The traditional version of an oil rig requires an open flame, which can be hazardous to both the dabber and the people around him. It is highly flammable if used in the wrong area; users are required to be overly cautious whenever they are using the torch. Electrical nails address this safety concern as they depend solely on electrical power to heat the wax.

– Precise temperature

The lack of torch also gives you control over how you want your concentrates to be heated. E-rigs, unlike traditional dab rigs, come with a precise temperature setting that allows you to select a preferred dabbing temperature. There is no need to get worried about wasting or overheating your wax and oils.

What is a Nectar Collector?

A nectar collector, honey straw, or a dab straw, is an innovative and portable version of your traditional rig. It works almost exactly like a dab rig but more pocket-friendly and easier to use.

The honey straw features three major components – the mouthpiece for inhaling the heated concentrates, the body, and the tip which is heated and placed on the wax or oil.

The body of the nectar collector is made from different materials like silicone, quartz, and glass, while the tip is made from quartz or titanium materials. Silicone honey straws are usually more portable and last longer as they are made from durable material.


– More hands-on

The small size of the nectar collector gives you great control over it, allowing you to use it efficiently without trouble. You can hold it in one hand and the torch in another and dab almost immediately after heating the tip, making the entire session flawless.

– Disassemble for portability

As mentioned earlier, the dab straw mainly consists of three detachable components, thus creating more portability compared to traditional oil rigs. Attaching or detaching the parts is quite intuitive and straightforward, and once you get a hand on it, you can assemble or disassemble everything within a minute or two.

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