Essay Writing Can Be Easier than You Think with These Tips

Essay Writing Can Be Easier than You Think with These Tips

Writing an essay can sound a bit scary, just think of it as a chance to improve your writing skills. An essay is generally a short piece of writing. It is often considered synonyms with a story or a paper article.

Essays can be formal or informal. Formal essays are mostly written by students in school and are generally academic in nature. Informal essay consists of more personal and often include humorous elements.

Every once in a while, students are given essays to write as their homework, and I know how boring writing an essay can be and also how hard it can be to write a good one.

Whether the essay is for a scholarship or homework, many students find the task difficult. There are many steps a person can take that will help break down the task into manageable parts. Being able to write the perfect essay is an ability that doesn’t come naturally to most people. Essay is something you’re trying to convey to an individual or a few people.

Students often think “How will I correct my essay if there are any mistakes in it”. Follow these tips to improve your essay writing, and perfect essays will be flying from your hand into your teacher’s hands before you even get to know what’s happening;

Pick a topic

The most important part is to pick a topic, most of the time the topic is already given but if you’re given the freedom to write on the subject of your choice, you won’t have to do much research on it as you’re obviously writing about something you know about.

As the main step is to find a unique essay subject and if you’re already given a topic, you should think about the type of paper you want to produce. However, if you’re not assigned a topic, this allows you to choose a topic of your own interest.

You’ll have to do the research accordingly to the essay as it can be informative or persuasive.

Give an introduction

Now if you’re done with choosing a topic, you must give an introduction about the topic or subject you chose to write about.
This is the most important part of an essay as if the introduction is boring, the reader won’t bother reading the whole essay.

An introduction should be very attractive, it should attract the reader’s attention. Try to use shocking information or just write a brief summary about your chosen topic.


This part basically describes your topic. Every main thing that you mention should have a separate section within the body.

Keep the paragraph structure the same and start by giving an introduction about one of your main ideas.

You must consider what your argument is going to be. This means that taking an informed position or your point of view on the topic, then define your main idea and present a specific argument over it.

Then support your idea with small sentences and then give detailed examples to support those sentences.


This part is the closure of your essay which sums up all the ideas you wrote, giving some final words on your essay.

It should consist of four to five strong sentences in which you will be reviewing your main ideas briefly and explaining them.

Review the essay with your family and friends

Once you’re done reviewing the essay and marking any mistakes, write the whole essay again and make sure not to make those mistakes again.

Noting that you made some mistakes will help you in the future to avoid them.

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