Guide to Exploring Sydney for the First Time

Many people go to Sydney to see the mesmerising beaches, and incredible nature and wildlife. Most of the times, they end up falling in love with the city for its restaurants, the culture, the food and the good vibes.

If you are planning to visit the city, whether you want to stay in a 5 star accommodation in Sydney or sleep under the stars, it is essential to know exactly what to do. This article will help you manage your time better and invest any single minute of your trip in getting the best out of this city!

Be prepared to walk…

Although Sydney is one of Australia’s biggest cities, you can easily explore the city centre and the surrounding suburbs by foot. Even the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge can be crossed by foot, and you can take a break from time to time to enjoy some excellent coffee.

Also, don’t forget that exploring Australia may be addictive. Before you know, you may find yourself looking for best 5 star hotel in Melbourne to extend your stay in this country!

…or use an Opal!

No, this doesn’t mean that you would need a precious gemstone to afford Sydney’s public transport system. An Opal card is a payment method that can be used on ferries, trains, buses and even the Light Rail. If you get one, you can use the transport system freely, but remember to tap on and off everywhere to avoid being charged the highest possible amount for your trip.

Ferries are useful

In Sydney, ferries are a legitimate form of public transport. They are often the fastest way to get from one part of the city to another.

Although you may believe they are intended just for tourists’ amusement, they are used every day by people who live in Sydney to go to work or to cross the city.

Guide to Exploring Sydney for the First Time

A city of early risers

Of course, if you are enjoying your holidays, you may wish to sleep every day until noon. Differently, if you like to get up early and have more time to visit the city, then Sydney is just the perfect spot for you.

The majority of coffee shops open at 7 am, and this is also the best time to enjoy the city before the day heats up and the masses of tourists and locals start their day.

Breakfast all day?

If you don’t like getting up early, but you still cannot live without your breakfast, in Sydney you will not be disappointed. For locals, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, at the point that most cafés serve it until late afternoon.

Don’t be late

As mentioned above, people in Sydney like to start their day early in the morning. On the other hand, restaurants and pubs also tend to close their kitchens no later than 9.30 pm.

In other words, remember to grab your dinner before it’s too late!

The same applies to shops. They all close at around 5 pm. However, you can still enjoy some late-night shopping at boutiques in Bondi. But keep in mind that it is very uncommon for shops to stay open after 9 pm.

The city of outdoor eating

Australian food can really surprise you. It offers a variety of meat and seafood that are best enjoyed outdoors.

Barbecue is undoubtedly one of the locals’ favourite activities. You can even turn up uninvited to a backyard event, and people will still welcome you to try their delicious food. Otherwise, you can participate in any free barbecue spot that you can find throughout the city.

Free Wi-Fi is available (almost) everywhere

As the majority of travellers, you may wish to stay always connected, to share your Australian adventures with your friends on social networks. Luckily, Sydney has got you covered. Many places and neighbourhoods offer free Wi-Fi hotspots and you can find them by the famous Wi-Fi icon placed in the area that provides that service.

You can even check your Instagram timeline while chilling at the green spaces of the Sydney Botanic Gardens and upload a few of your breathtaking photos.

A smoke-free city?

Australia is committed toward being a smoke-free area. In Sydney and other major cities, smoking is not allowed anywhere food is served, as well as on public transport and bus or train stations. Public recreation areas, parks and building entrances are other places where you can be fined if you try to light your cigarette.

The iconic Sydney Opera House

Any travel guide includes at least one chapter dedicated to the iconic Sydney Opera House. This is maybe Sydney’s most famous building and definitely the most beautiful.

It is a theatre where classical music concerts and also rock shows are regularly performed. There are over 2,000 events every year, and if you are particularly curious about the Opera House you can take a behind the scenes tour.

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