Hire a Mobile Hail Response Team to Repair Dents on Your Car

Hire a Mobile Hail Response Team to Repair Dents on Your Car

Year after year, many Australians suffer damage to their cars as a result of a hail storm. This weather phenomenon definitely causes huge dents that will ruin the entire look of your vehicle. This is where a hail response team (HRT) comes into the picture. These professionals will restore the body of your car, making it look good as new.

Why Is Hiring an HRT a Good Decision to Make

Some parts in Queensland, including Brisbane, saw a severe severe hail storm that happened in early March this year, causing nearly $1 billion in damages. When your car is also damaged by the storm, a mobile repair service is necessary.

There are a few reasons why hiring an HRT is a wise decision to make.

Maintain Your Car’s Value

Dents will decrease your car’s value, which is not good when you decide to sell it in the future. Now, a hail response team that offers paintless dent removal will get your vehicle back to its original shape. Whether you have a car, a van, or a motorbike that was damaged in a hail storm, you can rely on these professionals to fix it.

Preserve The Original Paint of Your Vehicle

The paintless dent repair Brisbane hail response teams provide is the best method you should use because it preserves the original paint of your car.

However, it has to be done quickly, as dents that are left untreated for a long period of time will make way for rust to form under the paint, which may already require a re-paint. Also, it should be performed by a highly-skilled hail response team to ensure the best results.

Keep Repair Cost At A Minimum

As previously implied, untreated hail damage on your car will cost you more in the future for further repairs. It worsens the damage to the point where paintless dent removal will no longer be enough to fix it. You may need to replace the entire panels or get an even more expensive auto body repair. You wouldn’t want to spend more money on something that you could have prevented in the first place.

A paintless dent removal Brisbane cost will be significantly lower than that of having the entire body repaired.

Receive Accurate Repair Claim Payment

Right after your car sustained hail damage, taking clear pictures of the dents and sending them to your insurance company is crucial so they can process your claim right away. With the help of a claims adjuster, you will be given an accurate repair cost estimate based on the extent of the current damage.

Spotting Hail Damage on Your Car

Not everyone can spot hail damage right away, especially the small ones. Sometimes, it needs close examination which can’t be done until the weather clears or once it is safe to go outdoors. But once you have the chance to check your car, these are the most common signs that you should look for:

  1. Dents and dings on the bonnet and boot, roof, and side panels, which are not usually uniform
  2. Cracked windscreen, mirrors, and windows
  3. Water damage inside the car, which may have occurred due to a broken windscreen or window
  4. Loose or jammed mirrors
  5. Stuck or jammed car doors

If you see these forms of damage on your car due to this weather phenomenon, then don’t hesitate to search “hail repair near me” online and get the services that you need.

In a Nutshell

Preventing hail damage is one way to avoid expensive repairs or insurance deductibles. So, just make sure to park your car where it is protected from the elements, and if you have no garage, have a carport installed. It can only cost $1000, more or less. You can also go for car covers that are made to protect your car from hail.

If you want more tips on taking care of your vehicle, check out our other articles!

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