How Is an HIV Infection Treated?

HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is responsible for causing a syndrome, which is known as AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. This disease is responsible for altering the immune system of a person and makes him vulnerable to a number of diseases and infections. Earlier, it was believed that there was no proper treatment for this disease, but with the progress of science, it can now be taken care of successfully.

How to Treat HIV

A number of treatments are being used for helping the people who have HIV, and it is also claimed by the doctors that these results are extremely effective as well as safe. It is recommended that everyone who has an HIV infection should get proper treatment, and this treatment should start early.

Normally, for diagnosis of an HIV infection, the western blotting is used. However, most of the doctors also suggest the ELISA test or the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay test. It plays an important role in detecting the HIV antigens as well as antibodies that are present in the blood of the patient. In order to gather detailed information about the ELISA testing, you can visit

Using Medicines for HIV

There are a few medicines that play a crucial role in slowing down the growth of this deadly virus or rather, it prevents it from multiplying. It is true that the medicines do not help in eliminating the HIV virus from the system of the person who is infected, but they do help in keeping the amount of this virus low in their blood.

Furthermore, medicines assist in preventing the virus from passing on to their partner during a sexual intercourse. There are many anti-HIV drugs, and all of them work in a different manner and attack the virus differently.

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The Antiretroviral Therapy

ART or the Antiretroviral Therapy is widely used for treating people who are infected with the HIV virus. In this therapy, the patients have to take combinations of different HIV medicines each day. This is also termed as the HIV regimen. The doctors state that the Antiretroviral Therapy should be undergone by each and every person suffering from the infection.

It is true that this therapy cannot completely cure HIV, but it allows the patients to live a long and healthy life, without having to face any complications. Furthermore, the Antiretroviral Therapy helps to reduce the deadly risk of the transmission of HIV.

How the Medicines and the Therapy Works

The HIV virus can attack and destroy the CD4 cells, which help in fighting infections and keep the immune system strong. The ART therapy and the medicines provide a chance for the immune system of the affected so that they can recover. It is true that there will be few HIV viruses still in the body, but the immune system will be strong to fight all the infections and the cancers related to HIV.

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If you know someone who is suffering, ensure that you advise them to get medical help and start the medicines and the therapy so that they can live a healthy life.

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