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How Ductless Air Conditioning Works

Ductless air conditioners, or mini-splits, are increasingly popular and modern tools to keep your house cool when the temperature outside is soaring. But many people are unsure about this new technology, how it works, and why it is a good fit for so many homes today. Here are some more details about ductless air conditioning for homeowners to consider when looking to purchase a new HVAC system for their homes.

What Ductless Air Conditioning Includes


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Ductless air conditioning systems include an outdoor unit known as the compressor, just like more traditional HVAC systems. However, instead of using ducts, which may leak or carry dangerous contaminants, ductless systems are hooked up to individual cooling units in each room of your house.

By having individual wall units in each room, ductless air conditioning systems allow you to use smaller units in smaller rooms and larger units where needed. This means you can turn on the air conditioning in the rooms you occupy at any given moment but leave it off in empty rooms.  You can save money by not having to cool your entire house or the entire first floor of your house at all times.

In addition, ductless air conditioners do not need to be placed in a window to work. In fact, they can be placed in an area that is less noticeable and more out of the way than traditional window units while still keeping your rooms cool and comfortable.

Benefits and Efficiency

Because each individual unit is only responsible for cooling one room, you can get smaller units for smaller areas and more powerful units for larger areas. Consulting with an experienced professional will help you determine what size of air conditioner you need in each area of your house. This will save you money because you will not be using energy to cool your house that you do not need.

Heating and Cooling

Another benefit of ductless air conditioners is that with the use of a heat pump, they can be used to keep your home comfortable all year round. In the summer, your mini split system can keep your house cool but when the weather gets cold, it can be easily switched over to heating your home during the winter months.

Whether it’s used to heat or cool, you do not have ducts to maintain and you only need to use a unit as powerful as is necessary for the room it’s maintaining and you only need to keep rooms you are using cool or warm.

Installation and Maintenance

Because they don’t require duct work, ductless HVAC units are quicker and easier to install and easier to maintain. This also will save you money both in the short run and in the long run. Ducts can cause up to a 30 percent reduction in efficiency when they leak and require maintenance to clean, patch, and maintain. Ductless systems don’t have those problems.

Overall, a ductless HVAC system can save you money because it is easier to maintain, more efficient, and gives you more flexibility than traditional air conditioning systems. Contact your local professional to explore the best options available for your home.

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