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How to DM on Instagram on PC

An Introduction to Instagram: Instagram is also a one of the favorite social media Android & iOS Application. You can share your images and videos on Instagram. It is also has a timeline like a Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Instagram is a free source to download from the playstore for Android mobile & App store for iOS users. Users also can use access it from their PC/computer.

instagram DM message on PC

You can be in touch with someone through Instagram by following them, being followed by them, liking, commenting,  tagging and private messaging. You can also activate single mode on this to hide your profile for someone if they want to follow you they need request after that you can permit to access your profile or not that is your wish.

How to Create an Instagram Account?

There are two ways to create an Instagram account either you can build from the PC or the Android or iOS app. After opening the application, it will ask you for the creation free account you can signup through your email account along with the username & password or use your existing Facebook Account.

You can customize your profile at any time by adding your name, a photo, a short bio, and a website link also you can insert while you’re creating an Instagram. If you followed someone if they are looking to follow you back, you need to add you Bio to know who & what you’re.

What is the meaning of DM on Instagram?

The meaning of DM to Instagram is  Direct Message to Instagram. From this article you will know how to send DM message on Instagram, you can post an image 1 to 15 people privately instead of all your followers seeing it.

How to direct message someone on Instagram from my computer? Or How to DM on Instagram pc? How do I post on Instagram from the desktop?

Yes, it is possible to use Instagram on PC, MAC or Windows by using an Android emulator you can install Instagram on Laptop/computer. Follow the few steps to know how to Instagram on Windows PC it will work with both 64bit & 34bit operating systems.

First, you need to download Blustacks from the google after completion of downloading follow this steps.

Part 1: Installing Bluestacks
Instagram for PC BlueStacks installation

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1. Download and Install Bluestacks. Bluestacks change your computer into an Android device so that we can use android apps on it. Bluestacks you can download from the official website. Before downloading It should ensure that your computer’s software is distinguished accordingly.

2. Start Bluestacks. After that, when you have completed installation of Bluestacks then start this for the first time. When once started then you will take a short tour of an interface and start using it.
3. Log-In into Google Account. To get the access for download app, for that, you will need to Login existing account. If you don’t have an account, then you will make it from here.
4: Installing Instagram:
1. Go to Google Play Store. If you want to go to Google Play Store, then click on the Upper right side search button. If you are running the first time Google Play Store later this will ask you to Accept the terms and conditions.
2. Search Snapchat. Open the Google Store then use the search button to download Instagram. After searching the app will appear in the first row of the page.After that, you will click on the app icon, and then it is going to install.

Below I have given some solutions to the regular doubts about the Instagram.

How do you send a direct message on Instagram?

Here I have explained in simple words about to send a direct message ( DM ) on Instagram.

  1. Open the Instagram app and log in. Just Tap on the Instagram icon it is going to open and Login with your previously used username and password after it will redirect to the Home feed.If you don’t have an existing Instagram account create now, you can download it from the app store or Google Play store.
  2.  Upload a photo or video. After completion login Tap on the “Camera” button at the bottom of the Instagram screen from there, you can upload a new image or Video.
  3. Select a filter. Choose a filter from the list of selected filters to add some effects to your image, or you can also crop the image.
  4. Write a caption. You can also find the write a caption button if you don’t have ay caption just leave that simply you can edit that after published also click on the “OK” button to save the caption.
  5. Message Box: n now go to the message box as shown in the figure
  6. Tap the “Direct” tab. This will open the Direct Message function as shown in the figure below. you can select the particular people on your contacts list, to send privately by typing the username of the specific person. You can send a Direct Message to multiple recipients at once.instagram
  7. 6Tap the green “Send” button. After completion of selecting all recipients of your post, click on the “Send To #” button at the bottom of the screen. instagram-DM-message-on-PC-
  8. Hope you enjoyed this method if like it just shares it or if you have any doubts comment below.
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