How to Make Money Gambling: The Ultimate Guide

How to Make Money Gambling: The Ultimate Guide

It’s easy for casinos to make money gambling. In 2018, commercial casinos made more than 41 billion dollars.

You can’t say the same for gamblers, even professional ones. Yet there are thousands of people who know how to make money gambling. You can join them, once you figure out how to gamble.

What are the best games to earn money off of? What does it take to be a great poker or table game player? What strategies can you adopt when you make bets?

Answer these questions and you can turn your trip to Vegas into substantial earnings. Here is your quick guide.


Poker is one of the easiest ways to make money from gambling. One reason is that there are many gambling tips you can find online.

You can study the game through Twitch streams and YouTube videos, and you can sign up with a training service. You can also buy poker strategy books from your local store, and you may be able to find a coach.

But poker is highly competitive, even in online settings. You need to spend a lot of time practicing your skills and studying your competition. Start at low-stakes or with play money until you get the fundamentals down.

Playing poker online is different from playing poker live. You are not able to read the body language of players for tells. You have to study odds sheets and other mathematical concepts so you know what to do.

Cash games will give you hourly profits, but you can lose money quickly. You can build your reputation and bankroll through tournaments, yet it can be hard to cash. Try a little of both and see which one works best.

Video Poker

Video poker is not the same as regular poker. After you insert money into the machine, you receive five cards.

You can discard whichever ones you want to receive new ones. You win money based on what your new hand is. As such, video poker is far more luck-based than table poker.

Take a look at the return to player (RTP) and expected value (EV) rates of the machines you play. RTP refers to the percentage of the money you will get paid back, while EV refers to the value of your bets long term. A positive rate means you can expect to earn money over time.

Most machines offer an RTP of over 100 percent, but they don’t offer positive EV rates. This means that you can win some money in the short term, but you won’t win a lot over time.

Video poker is an easy game to learn, and you should play it as you get used to casinos. But you may want to shift to games with a higher EV rate.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are the go-to casino game for many people. But nearly all experienced gamblers shy away from them.

The machines have a substantial house edge. Most bets result in the house winning.

When the gambler wins, they receive very little money. The RTP and EV rates of slot machines are extremely low, no matter the machine you pick.

The only real advantage slot machines have is their aesthetics. Many of them are made with slick graphics, bright lights, and catchy music. Many people know they will lose money at the slots, yet they play them just for fun.

But you can have plenty of fun elsewhere. Avoid slots and find something else to do.

Table Games

Table games include roulette, craps, and baccarat. These involve making small bets on a luck-based outcome. You cannot control where the ball lands on a wheel or how the dice fall.

The small bets let you play for a long period of time. But if you lose early on, you put yourself into a hole that is hard to come out of.

Look at a strategy you can adopt to win consistently. The Martingale strategy focuses on doubling your bets when you are losing and halving them when you are winning. This gives you more opportunities to win your money back.

You may see a “jackpot” somewhere in your casino. Bad beat jackpots are common in table poker. If a player with a straight flush loses to another player with a straight flush, they can receive a cash payout.

But jackpots can occur anywhere else. If some special circumstance happens at your craps game, you can receive a jackpot.

You will have to play a lot in order to receive one, so don’t count on it. But if you commit yourself to gambling, you can make a lot of money from one.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular. You can find plenty of gambling tips for it, including from a professional gambler in your area.

You should pick one sport in particular to bet on. You can choose a traditional sport like football, or you can pick a less-prominent one like poker. Pick a particular team or player to make bets on so you can go in-depth on them.

Once you have found someone to focus on, you can think about betting itself. Read more now about betting strategies, and pick one that makes sense to you.

You can go to a casino to make bets, or you can find a service online. Try to go to a casino so you can get make specialized wagers like parlays.

You can make money long-term with sports betting. If you are successful enough, you can make it your line of work. But you need to perform a lot of research and you must stick to your betting strategy.

How to Make Money Gambling

You can learn how to make money gambling by breaking individual games down. Poker is great because it combines luck and skill. You can learn the essentials very quickly, but you need to study mathematics.

Video poker can give you some money in the short term. Slot machines will take a lot of money, no matter how much you play.

Try table games instead. Employ a betting strategy and aim for a jackpot. Mix in some sports betting so you have multiple income streams.

You can have fun while bolstering your financials. Follow our coverage for more gambling guides.

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