Marijuana Laws in Australia: A Quick Look

Marijuana Laws in Australia: A Quick Look

If you’re a smoker traveling to Australia, you may be curious about their marijuana laws. 18,000 patients in Australia had access to medical marijuana in 2019, but marijuana laws aren’t the same across the country.

Stay on the right side of the law by knowing what is legal in the different regions of Australia. To help you avoid trouble, this guide breaks down the laws on cannabis in Australia.

Marijuana Laws in New South Wales

Australia’s marijuana laws differ based on the state you’re visiting. In New South Wales, the use, supply, and possession of marijuana are illegal. If you get caught with a small amount of cannabis, though, you will likely only get a caution.

A caution is a warning from the police. You can receive up to two cautions for a small amount of cannabis before any further action is taken.

Medical marijuana is legal in New South Wales and can be prescribed by a doctor.

Marijuana Laws in Victoria

Recreational use of marijuana is a criminal offense in Victoria. But, if it’s your first offense you’re caught with a small amount of cannabis, you’ll usually get off with a caution.

If you’re caught with over 50 grams of cannabis, the consequences will be more serious. However, medical marijuana is legal in Victoria if prescribed by a doctor.

Marijuana Laws in Queensland

Recreational marijuana is illegal in Queensland, and the laws are quite strict. Under the Drug Misuse Act 1986, the unlawful possession of large amounts of marijuana can result in as many as 25 years in prison.

As recently as June 2020, medical marijuana has become legal in Queensland.

Marijuana Laws in South Australia

In South Australia, the possession of marijuana is illegal, except for medical marijuana. The unlawful possession of marijuana often results in a fine versus criminal penalities. However, high amounts of cannabis can result in fines of AU $500,000 and/or 15 years of prison.

Marijuana Laws Western Australia

Medical marijuana is legal with a doctor’s prescription in Western Australia, whereas recreational marijuana is illegal. It’s also illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana.

Marijuana Laws in Tasmania

Recreational marijuana is completely illegal in Tasmania, and though medical marijuana is legal, it’s hard to get. Primary physicians can’t prescribe patients with medical marijuana. They must refer them to specialists.

These specialists can then provide patients with cannabis. If you’re looking to supply medical marijuana, you can purchase cannabis seeds or other CBD products across Australia.

The consequences for illegal possession of marijuana can be thousands of dollars and up to 21 years of imprisonment, depending on the amount.

Now You Know the Marijuana Laws Across Australia

If you’re visiting Australia from abroad, you might be surprised at the local marijuana laws. It’s always best to be respectful of the local laws and understand the consequences of breaking them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

And if you want to learn about other articles related to marijuana and CBD, be sure to check out the rest of the blog. We have lots of other fun and informative articles that you’ll love.

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