What are the reasons a company needs to use proxy servers?

What are the reasons a company needs to use proxy servers?

You may be wondering what is the importance of a proxy server aside for accessing websites with a different IP address or navigating the internet more securely. There are many reasons a proxy IP address can be very useful for a business because it can be utilized as an effective security method, to enhance customer experience and even to balance your website’s traffic.

More reasons you can consider when using proxy servers:

Improve the security of your company:

One of the most obvious reasons why a proxy needs to be utilized is for security reasons. Proxy servers are excellent in adding an extra layer of security between your business’ network and any connection coming from outside. Many hackers have trouble bypassing the security provided by a proxy server even though they may have access to the proxy server itself because the security layer provided can be very robust and difficult to breach.

Many companies are exposed to many threats around the internet without knowing. A proxy server is very useful to keep your company protected from hackers, dangerous software and even costly data breach. An IP Proxy alone may not be enough to keep you completely protected from the many internet threats but it is a very good start in enhancing the online security of your business.

Balance the traffic of your business and improve your client’s experience:

Not keeping a good balance of your website traffic can lead to data loss, slow loading times and even angry customers that are unable to access your website. Keeping your server traffic balanced can keep a lot of areas in check at all times. A proxy server can help in balancing the requests you get from both your employees and clients and be sure each one arrives in their respective destinations. Many companies keep their servers and data around in the cloud, yet each has to be reached through different ISPs and routes. Instead of having your client or employee looking to which ISP they have to connect, a Proxy IP server can help establish the best route via a single web address so the content can be reached or stored.

A server with properly balanced traffic is much more efficient, quick and reliable. Many of your clients and employees will have a positive experience with your website and network due to how fast, responsive and reliable it can be.

A proxy can help control your employee’s internet usage and website access:

It may be unexpected but many employees tend to access non-secure or even inappropriate websites from their work. It is highly recommended not to leave your network open so any improper website can be reached and instead you can utilize a proxy IP server to ensure they become unable to reach those websites. Via a secure IP proxy server, you can always administer how much data your employees are spending while online because if even one happens to be viewing Youtube videos on high-definition chances are your bandwidth will be negatively affected.

By using a proxy server, you can also record the history of your employees in case they are using your network for illegal activities. By blocking undesired content and keeping your employee’s bandwidth on a check you can ensure your network will be more fluid, responsive and reliable.

Keep your company servers fast and reliable:

As mentioned before by balancing traffic, blocking unwanted traffic and keeping updated routes to your cloud servers you can ensure your company network will be much faster and reliable. The internet in many companies may seem clunky or slow even though you are paying for bigger bandwidth. Be sure to keep any unwanted website blocked off, regularly check the traffic usage of your employees and balance the traffic of your servers by employing a robust proxy server. If you are looking for a fast, reliable and easy to use a proxy server then you can always get the assistance of zenserp and get the best proxy and map scraping API available in Australia!

Perform tasks anonymously:

Via a proxy server, you can protect new research and development for your company. Many companies without a proxy server can be easily accessed by hackers and have their information and even new projects stolen. By using a robust proxy server, you can be sure no spy or hacker will be able to look at sensitive documents you are trying to protect. Be sure that if you are performing any sensitive task while online to employ a proxy server to do so anonymously and become much harder to track and breach.

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