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Simple Steps To Paint Your Room On Your Own

Simple Steps To Paint Your Room On Your Own

Are you bored with the look and feel of your room? It’s time to change the colour and give a fresh look. Painting your area/room is a great idea to freshen up your place. It creates a positive effect. Now choosing the right colour for your space that will match your vibe is a challenging task.

Besides, if you’re not careful with this DIY project, then it can easily turn out to be a nightmare. Read the below steps and use it as a guide to paint your room successfully.

Choosing the right colour:

Appropriate colour for your walls is essential. It should perfectly match your floors, size, and shape of the room and the intensity of the light it receives during the day. If you are painting your bedroom, you can go for some neutral tones such as pale blue and green.

Dulux paint offers you the most exciting discounts on paints and helps you to get them at an affordable price.

Buying the paint:

Once you have decided on the colour, it’s time to buy the paint. You can search for online stores such as designerpaint.com. They offer a wide variety of colours depending on your choice. You can also avail of the designerpaint.com discount code to unlock exciting offers.

Prepare the surface:

This step is essential as paint won’t adhere to a dirty surface. It is vital to swab down the surface imperfections.

The primer:

Primer helps to block the stains and improves the paint adhesion. It will reduce blisters and peeling. Before you start painting, tint the primer and apply one coat of it.

Cover up the furniture, floor and other pieces of stuff:

Protecting your floor and furnishings from paint spills and splatters are mandatory. Also, remove the outlet and switches.

Start painting:

Apply two coats of the paint on the primer. If required, go for the third coating. Let the paint settle down for one day or a two. And voila! You have completed your DIY project.

One needs to buy some tools for doing this DIY project. They include scraper, filling knife, sandpaper, roller, paint kettle, brushes, scuttle, and a stirring stick. You can buy them at a cheaper rate by merely using the designerpaint.com discount code. After painting, wrap the used brushes properly and store them so that you can use them in the future.

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