Step by Step Guide in Choosing the Right Water Softener System

Step by Step Guide in Choosing the Right Water Softener System

For those of us using hard water, we can attest to the negative impact it has on our households. The impact of limescale on appliances is a nuisance and can be costly. This can be remedied by the use of different types of water softeners. Water softeners aim at eliminating the minerals that make water hard and transforms it into soft.

Soft water has been associated with many benefits among them appliances durability, softer clothes after laundry, smooth hair and skin and shiny silverware and glassware. You may want to use soft water and experience its amazing benefits as compared to hard water.

To start you off, here is a step by step guide on what you should consider before you invest in one.

Step 1: Test the Water Hardness

Water hardness can range from mild to very hard depending on the solutes. Before you go ahead and purchase a water softener it is a good idea to know your situation.

There are several ways to test water hardness.

  • Use a soap

When using soap with hard water, the water turns cloudy with a white precipitate. To confirm if you are using hard water, add a few drops of soap in a glass with tapped water and shake. If the water becomes cloudy then it is hard water.

  • Check Water Hardness Scale

The water hardness scale is integrated into the map of the USA. You can check the map to get an estimate of how hard the water in your area is. You can also consult your municipality.

  • Use Water Hardness Testing Device

For precise results on the degree of water hardness, you may purchase a water quality testing kit. This method is more reliable as it will give you the exact degree of water hardness.

  • Lab Testing

For a more comprehensive analysis, sending the water sample to a professional lab is the best choice. Lab analysis will not only indicate the degree of hardness but also any other microorganisms or impurities in the water.

Step 2: Know your Needs

It is crucial to know the approximate amount of water your family needs for daily use. Depending on your family size and daily activities, you settle for the size of the water softener system that meets your daily consumption.

Secondly, consider if you will be selling the house in the future. Having a water softener system in your home will increase your house market value in the real estate industry. If you are planning on selling it, it will cost you more to repair the damaged appliances due to hard water than installing a automatic water softener.

To be on the safe side, consider contacting your municipal representative to check if there are any regulations concerning the installation of water softener systems.

Step 3: Value for Money

It is of utmost importance that you get value for your money. You need to consider several factors before you purchase the right water softener for your home. Every company will claim to have the best system in the market at a reasonable price. Do not take their word for it, research.

  • Search for Reputable Companies

You want a provider that has been in the market for a long time. Their water softener systems have been tried and tested over time. Also, such companies have experienced staff that will do a remarkable job of installing the system.

Checking reviews of different water softener systems are of equal importance. You will be able to know their performance in the market.

  • Compare and Contrast Prices

You can get the companies’ prices by checking their websites or calling them or visiting their retail shops. The key is checking the prices across the different systems that you are interested in and comparing them with their competitors.

As you compare, inquire about the installation charges as this is a separate fee from the water softener system. Your objective is to settle for the best deal in the market.

  • Inquire on the Possibility of Renting

The prices may be on top of the roof. If you are not prepared, there’s an option of renting as you test the system and assess its viability. Inquire if the company rents its systems. It may be an appropriate solution in the meantime as you prepare to purchase the system.

Step 4: Make a Choice

Deciding on which water softener is appropriate for your family needs is the next step. With all the information you have gathered, you can still be overwhelmed on which one to pick.

Let your budget be your guiding principle on which water softener to settle for. An ideal water softener for your home ranges between $500 – $2500. Purchase within your budget.

Anything you buy for your home is an investment. You owe it to yourself to make a sound choice. Take your time and make a choice that is worth it.

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