The Evolution of the Table Tennis and how to make money on it

The Evolution of the Table Tennis and how to make money on it

As the British say, the appearance of table tennis was facilitated by their rainy weather and the conservatism of gentlemen, who, not wanting to give up their usual occupation, moved the game of lawn tennis from the lawns to the large halls of palaces, and subsequently to living rooms. From the floor, the game gradually moved to the tables, which were at first moved apart, and then the grid separated them. The new game not only retained “tennis” in its name, but also many of the rules of the predecessor game. Their specific rules were developed gradually.

For example, such a rule, inherent in table tennis as a double bounce system, is that the
the ball must hit the table in the opponent's half was determined only by 1901, and finally
established in 1922. Previously, it was possible to hit the balls in the same way as in tennis,
rallying and rebounding. Today the table tennis is one of those sports that you can bet on at  with a great chance to win.

Table tennis bet types

There are the following table tennis betting markets:

Set / match winner;

Handicap on points in a set / match;

Handicap in sets;

The exact number of sets;

The exact score by sets;

Total points in the game / match;

Total sets;

Individual total points in the game / match;

Even / odd number of points in a set / match.

Table tennis features

Pay attention to the following rules:

The set is played to 11 points. If the score is 10:10, the game goes up to two points difference. For example, 12:10 or 15:17.

The first serve is repeated if the ball touches the net and hits the other side. In case of an error on the first serve, the opponent gets a point. The match is played from an odd number of sets from three to seven.

The meeting goes on until one of the players reaches victories in most games. For example, a five-set match can end with a score of 3: 0 or 1: 3.

How to analyze table tennis betting matches

There are four things to consider when analyzing a match:

Rating of tennis players. In the middle and at the end of the season, the indicator objectively reflects the level of the athlete.

Player’s results with strong opponents and performances in top tournaments.

History of personal meetings.

The latest news about the players and their interviews.

Table tennis live betting strategies

Consider three popular table tennis betting strategies:

Table tennis betting strategy for the end of the game. Bet on the favorite to win in the next draw if the favorite has ten points in the game or the outsider has won seven or fewer points in the game.

Table tennis total betting strategy. Bet on total over 18.5 points in the third set, if the opponents won one set each, players scored less than 19 points in the first and second sets, or the bookmakers gave odds less than 2.50 for each tennis player to win.

Strategy for a losing favorite. Place bets on the losing favorite of the match if the favorite of the match loses 2-3 points towards the end of the set or the bookmakers give odds higher than 3.00 for the favorite to win.

It is unprofitable to bet on table tennis in live long distance due to the bookmaker’s margin. You can increase your chances of profit by using the strategies. Nevertheless, for a stable plus, you need to analyze matches and make decisions quickly in live.

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