Top 10 Types of Nurses Employers Are Looking to Hire in 2020

Top 10 Types of Nurses Employers Are Looking to Hire in 2020

We all, at some point, came into contact with a nurse! I mean, who hasn’t? And we know that nursing is a rewarding and genuinely inspiring career like no other job. Behind their ensuring smile and care, they are also dealing with tough parts of their life like long hours of shift, stress, and between all this struggling to make time for their family. But despite their struggles, nursing is full of extraordinary people that do extraordinary things to serve their patients.

Here are some high demanding nurses employers are looking for this year:

  • Registered Nurse (RN)

Registered nurses administer various services depending on their work environment and their areas of specialization. They provide care for a patient and as well as assist physicians in getting detailed patient records to treat them. In general, registered nurses’ shift time includes collecting patient data, including daily monitoring, reminding, recording, and reporting changes or any symptoms. And if you have an RN-BSN Nursing Degree in 2020, it will be an added advantage to your career!

*Salary: $71,730

  • Travel Nurse

As a travel nurse, you may help medical departments with staffing shortages or may assist a homebound patient. Along with a rundown of RN duties, nurses employed in this occupation must travel with patient location to location, including the patient’s home. Generally, you will be doing basic RN duties like recording patients’ illness history, measuring vital signs, making diagnoses, discussing treatments, performing routine check-ups, assessing symptoms, and giving medicines to the patient.

*Salary: $100,000

  • Emergency Nurse (ER)

Fast response, clear action, and an active mind are the skills of an emergency room nurse. These three actions are what you will most need in your position as an ER nurse. Emergency rooms are the first line of hope in cases of allergic reactions, accidents, and any number of severe medical care! They work with critical emergency care departments, to assist medical technicians and doctors in helping people in pain.

*Salary: $75,123

  • Oncology Nurse

An Oncology nurse specializes in giving treatment and care for chronically or critically ill patients. They care for patients by administering medication and providing support and information. Educating patients about their further treatment options, procedure, side effects, and particularities of the disease is a part of oncology nursing. It requires the nurses to keep educating themselves to keep up with the new treatment methods.

*Salary: $88,650

  • Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric nurses provide medical and health care for children from birth until their teenage era. They provide excellent care for the children while addressing the family’s fears, concerns, options, and problems and offer medication, diet, good health habits, and information on nutrition.

*Salary: $58,344

  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

You may find a Licenced Practical Nurse who works under doctors and registered nurses in clinics, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and nursing homes. All the healthcare facilities and clinical settings have a huge demand for LP nurses as they provide routine and general care to the patients. Nurses with an LPN-RN nursing degree are much preferred.

*Salary: $69,450

  • Nurse Practitioner (NP)

A nurse practitioner is an RN who has higher education and training in a specific area of healthcare, such as a home practice nurse or pediatric nurse. Nurse practitioners have a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree and as well as board certification. They help patients to make better health and lifestyle choices, and they also serve as patient advocates, healthcare consultants, and researchers.

*Salary: $105,546

  • Medical-surgical Nurse

Medical-surgical nurses perform their duties at inpatient care units, hospitals, ambulatory care centers, medical clinics, urgent-care centers, skilled nursing homes, and surgical centers. And their duties would include intravenous therapy, monitoring various devices, and complex wound care. They educate and advocate families, patients, and communities.

*Salary: $83,763

  • Operating Room Nurse

Operating room nurses, also called surgical nurses and perioperative nurses, and are in charge of patients listed for surgery. They have to take all the important stats of the patient like sugar level, blood pressure, temperature, etc. as variations in these details can cause extreme problems for that patient during surgery.

*Salary: $88,890

  • Home Health Nurse

Home health nurses provide in-home health care services for people who are physically unable to visit a treatment facility or a physician’s office. This involves patients who are recovering from major surgery and also patients with disability or long term illness.

*Salary: $81,550

Despite in what department they work, nurses play a huge role in the field of patient care. Most of the time they are the first ones who meet a patient, comfort them and their family, and educates them on their health care and what steps they have to take next to make their recovery easier.

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