Why Are CBD Products so Expensive

Why Are CBD Products so Expensive

When you face CBD-based products for the first time, you may be amazed both by their broad effect and by their price. We can say definitely, that some of the best CBD products are quite costly. But there are several reasons why it is so.

Being the seller of the most popular CBD products with our own manufacture, decided to share our experience with our readers to prove that the price for hemp products is absolutely reasonable. So let’s start with it.

5 Reasons Why Are CBD Products Expensive?

Let’s start with how the best cannabidiol options generally get to the market. This is not an easy process, as any manufacturer or seller needs to obtain a government license before they can start selling CBD. And this is already a cost!

Then we proceed to the production itself. We will need cannabis, but not just any cannabis, but the best and the most carefully selected varieties, which contain a large amount of cannabidiol. This is the work of breeders, and often large producers of the most popular CBD products themselves keep breeders on their staff and create laboratories for breeding work. We at Aifory, do exactly that.

After the seed is taken, marijuana needs to be grown. From the outside, it seems easy – plant, water, harvest etc. But cannabis is a rather capricious plant, and modern requirements for the quality of raw materials oblige producers to adhere to organic farming, otherwise, GMOs, pesticides and other harmful substances may appear in the harvested crop. Organic farming itself is not a cheap process, and this also leaves an imprint on the price of the finished product.

When the crop is harvested, we need to extract the same CBD that we need from the stems, cones and leaves. This means you need special extraction equipment, precise quality control and top-rated methods. For example, at Aifory we use carbon dioxide extraction, a sophisticated but effective method for producing CBD.

For the manufacture of CBD products, you will also need additional ingredients – the same vegetable oil, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, natural flavors and flavoring additives. And, of course, you need a convenient package, the design of which will be pleasing to the eye and will help to accurately measure the dosage of CBD. And this, as you know, also leads to costs. And then the product still needs to be tested, to determine whether it is effective, whether it contains harmful components. For this, independent laboratories are involved, which need to be paid for their work.

And now, the finished product has already rolled off the assembly line. Now it needs to be delivered to the buyer. And this also costs a lot. And we didn’t even take into account the advertising costs!

In total, we have 5 reasons why high-quality CBD products can’t be cheap:

– The grower must obtain a license, rent fields for planting hemp, organize laboratory and production workshops.
– High-quality seed is a selected product. It is expensive. And so is caring for cannabis before harvest.
– Advanced CBD extraction technologies are expensive and complex equipment.
– To make the final product, you will need high-quality additional ingredients and verification by independent experts.
– Delivery of finished products and packaging is also a costly stage.

All of these factors add up to the total cost at which you can buy CBD products. Visit this site to learn all you need to know about the most used CBD products such as CBD oil, edibles and gummies.

High Efficiency for a Considerable Cost – Is It Real?

Well, you shouldn’t think that everything is so sad. There is good news, too. When you buy the popular CBD-based product, you are getting dramatic effects on your body from consuming it. Moreover, most of these products on the market contain a large dose of cannabidiol at once, which is enough for many times. That is, even a small bottle of oil or vaping liquid will last you more than a month. Look at your latest pharmacy bill? We are confident that your pain relievers and antidepressants are much more costly!

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