Why Storytelling is Changing the Face of Modern Marketing for Good

Our world today is swarming with marketing. Facebook has ads stamped all over your page, eager to milk you of your hard-earned dollars. Same with Twitter– the ads are yet laden there. And go for a walk on the street, there is yet an overbearing banner ad from another marketer!

The advertising space is becoming more competitive. The bigger question now is that with marketing becoming so competitive, how can your brand stand out?

We will tell you: STORYTELLING.

Connect with Your Audience Through Storytelling

Take it or leave it, storytelling is the new goldmine of modern marketing. More than ever, your audience is more interested in your brand narrative. This is why you see that the winning brands are those that are able to successfully connect with their audience on a personal and emotional level using the right story.

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The brand narrative encompasses your identity as a business, your voice, your persona, as well as the mode of communication with your audience. The winning marketers today, especially the storybrand certified guide, are elaborating milking fortunes from the right story.

The befitting storytelling is telling a unique brand story that resonates with your audience combining credibility and trust. As a marketer today, the last thing you need is a disinterested audience. This connection amplifies the urgency of connecting with your audience and engaging them.

How Storytelling Works

The figures are amusing. In 2017, more than 570,000 marketers adopted storytelling into their marketing with glittering results. The right storytelling could magnify your product value by 20x. How interesting is this?

Let’s break down these numbers about storytelling for you so you can better understand its effect in the marketing world. How storytelling works in getting a connection with your audience may amaze you.

Scientifically, the human brain is more responsive to an emotional story than a content (whether written, graphics, or video) with only hard facts and apathetic data. The brain readily recollects stories faster than a bunch of statistics. Thus, you see why that exciting movie you watched a decade ago still lingers in your memory. It’s this power of storytelling that marketers like storybrand certified guides are leveraging on today.

When we encounter the right narrative, the brain taps more in-depth into the story, connects deeper into its fabrics and becomes more predisposed to action to your call to actions. The right story is digested into the memory, keeping your brand in your consumer’s consciousness for a longer time. Here the brand has won a loyal customer.

Storytelling is no longer new as a marketing methodology. Big brands like BrewDog and Coca-Cola have long harvested a fortune from setting up the right brand narrative that harmoniously connects with their audience.

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You may be surprised to learn that the average individual has to walk through 100,000 words on the internet daily. These words would make a more compelling meaning if they were delectably woven into the perfect story!

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