16 Advantages of Digital Marketing Course

If you are reading this post, we are sure that you want to know more about Digital Marketing and especially how a digital marketing course would help you in your career plan.

There is a lot of hype and buzz of digital marketing nowadays and it can get confusing at times with so much information floating around.

Well, this blog will help you decide why you should join digital marketing course now.

Some Facts About Digital Marketing

Before we discuss further let’s quickly look at some interesting facts and figures. According to the reports published in Livemint, an e-newspaper,

  • India’s Internet industry is expected to double by 2020 from today’s $125 billion, growing to 7.5% of GDP
  • By 2020, 4G-enabled devices are expected to grow six-fold to 550 million devices, constituting about 70% of devices in use

This establishes the fact that why companies, big and small are shifting to or have started to integrate the digital marketing practices and how Digital Marketing is opening up many jobs and career opportunities for youths.

Let’s check out some of the job opportunities for you when you do a digital marketing course.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Executive
  • Social Media Marketing Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content marketing
  • Content Planner
  • Content writer
  • Web Analytics
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Website designing
  • Consulting
  • Blogger
  • Online PR

There is a huge gap in the market today for the skilled youth and professionals in India since the sudden and rapid upsurge of the internet penetration and users, this requires a lot of demand of people learning digital marketing course.

So if you are still wondering whether and when to do this course, we really recommend that this is a right time to begin your career in digital marketing.

So, some of the apparent advantages of Digital Marketing course are,

#1 Tons of Career opportunities

You just saw the number of jobs available in the market and it’s with the company of all sizes. You can easily find a digital marketing job in your city once you are done with the course.

#2 Skill up-gradation

Whether you are an engineer or a simple graduate you can upgrade your resume with this course. As the digital marketing is booming in India, it is a plus point or an added advantage with which you can contribute to the company.

No employer would say no to someone keeping up with the latest technology and marketing trend!

#3 Affordable fees

Digital Marketing course is quite nominal, unlike any other professional courses or degrees. Along with this, many institutions give you flexible payment options which makes it quite affordable for anyone.

#4 Online and offline courses

Digital Marketing is one such course which you can do online that is via the internet as well as institutes present in your city.

Another benefit of the digital marketing course is that you can do it along with your job, so you don’t need to leave your current job if you are already working.

#5 Short term course

Digital marketing course may go from 3 months to 6 months maximum which is the small investment in terms of the time and money in comparison to the salary package you can have.

#6 Location independent jobs

You can travel or be in the different city and stayed employed by the company you are working for, this is one most lucrative aspect of doing the digital marketing course.

#7 Hone your creative side and also be tech savvy

Not many jobs give you the freedom to be creative and also use the latest technology. The jobs you will get after the course will challenge you to use both sides of the brain, creative and logical!

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#8 Start your own consulting business

After gaining the sufficient experience in the particular field of digital marketing, you can start your own consulting business as a social media expert or specialist, Google analytics expert etc.

#9 Freelance projects

There are many online portals that will give you an opportunity to get freelancing projects which allows you to earn extra income. Other than the online projects you can also get freelancing projects from companies present in your own city.

#10 Can work on international projects

This is a world of digitization, everything is just a click away. You can work on global or international brands or projects while being employed in a company or also lending a freelancing project.

#11 Easily get job at entry level

As this is a starting phase of digitization So, not all but most of the companies have either started or about to integrate digital marketing practices.

So this is a right time to do a digital marketing course.

#12 Learn about technology and market

Digital marketing course allows you to learn about the market, current marketing trends and at the same time, you also learn various software and techniques to promote a business, increase sales, which is a rarely taught in any course or degree program with such depth.

#13 Create your own assets

Learning about different verticals of digital marketing you can create sources of passive income like blogs, youtube channel, affiliate marketing based app or site which don’t require regular involvement once you have gained the authority and established yourself in the particular field.

#14 Can handle or work in different verticals

Jobs in digital marketing will enable you to work in and with different verticals.

For instance, You can work with the social media team being an analytics person.

#15 Anyone can do

It doesn’t matter if you are from an art, science or commerce background. Even a college drop out or just a 12th pass student can go for this course. If you love computers, marketing, like to keep up with the current trend then this course is perfect for you.

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#16 Get certificate from giants like Google, Facebook

You can get a certificate from companies like Google, Facebook by doing the digital marketing course.

There is not one reason why you should join a digital marketing course and if you ask us when, then this is a right time to do it, as companies are looking for skilled or trained professionals. And in the coming future also scope is going to grow more and more.

Take a step towards a bright career!


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