5 Foods You Can Eat That Support Your Dental Health


Do you know? You can protect your dental health by following some useful steps, such steps in which you need to include 5 terrific foods which are necessary to make your gums strong.

However, it’s also true that when we are visiting Rahman and Rahman dental clinic, the first things dentist advised us is “to avoid sugary foods.” Well, yes, too much consumption of sugary items can leave our gums to swell by which we feel pain and lots of pain.

But it doesn’t mean that we just cut out the part of sugary items completely, NO. You don’t need to cut out sugar completely, but yes, you can make the consumption portion small.

Although, according to the reports of dental experts, “people should have to add these 5 foods in their diet to not just stay healthy but keep their dental health maintenance as well”.

So, after searching for days and days, we picked out top 5 foods which are very helpful in a manner to protect your gums and provide a great shield to your dental health.

Five terrific foods that support your dental health

After getting reviews of well-known and professional doctors of Rahman and Rahman dental clinic Lahore, we have to come to these five amazing foods that support your dental health and make your gums stronger.

These foods are all preserved with a high quantity of calcium, protein, and important nutrition that further help you to make the gums stronger and healthier.

So, check out the list of foods and bring them in your kitchen to support your dental health and makes the teeth healthier and yes, whither as well.

  • Cheese:

The best and must have in your kitchen food which is rich in calcium, protein, and those important nutrition’s that further help the gums to grow healthily.

However, recent research suggests that cheese actually help to increase the PH in the areas of the mouth, and also, decreases the chances of tooth decay.

  • Yogurt:

Same as cheese, yogurt is enriched with protein and calcium which support the dental health and enhance your taste buds as well. Thus, having a yogurt daily would also very helpful in a manner to protect your overall health.

As because, yogurt has probiotics and properties of beneficial bacteria, which provides benefits to your gums because the good bacteria push out those bad bacteria that would be the reason for having cavities.

Though, you need to be sure to take yogurt with no added sugar, to further protect your gums from cavities.

  • Carrots:

So, when you visit your nearest dentist clinic of Rahman and Rahman dental clinic, the doctors might be first prescribing you to get control over your gums through foods. Where carrots are one of them.

Having one medium size carrot on a daily basis would be very beneficial, as because they are crunchy and also provide you benefits of fiber. You need to be sure to take raw carrots after the meal to further increase the chances of saliva production in your mouth, which is the main reason to reduces the risk of cavities.

However, carrots are also very rich in Vitamin A, don’t want to eat carrots alone, try to make a yummy salad with some few slices of raw carrots, this would provide you a good taste as well.

  • Almonds:

Those crunchy and full of wonderful taste Almonds, are a great source of calcium and protein. Just handful almonds would be enough for your dental health which makes your teeth stronger and healthier.

Almonds are actually low in sugar, so that’s why they will provide you with more benefits related to your teeth and gums.

  • Celery:

Celery might not be like by many people because of its blandness, watery and full of those annoying strings, but you will get some great benefits if you take it on a daily basis.

Celery would be giving you a feel like a toothbrush, it further scraping food particles and as well as removes bacteria from your teeth.

However, Rehman and Rehman dental clinic Lahore, and including many other experts advised that if people need to make their gums and teeth strong, they should add the consumption of celery in their diets. Celery is rich in Vitamin A, C, and antioxidants.

Final Words:

To provide great support to your dental health, you need to add some of those foods mentioned above to make your gums stronger for longer.

So, next time when you are out on some dinner parties and all, don’t forget to take one of those foods with you, just in case you need to increase your taste buds, almonds would be the best option then.

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