5 Simply Unbelievable Facts About Singapore

Singapore remains a mystery to many people, but it’s well worth your research, if not a full visit. Check out these amazing facts about Singapore.


Are you planning your next trip to Singapore? If not, you should be!

Singapore is a beautiful island with lots of greenery, beautiful buildings, and a plethora of things to do. You cannot possibly be bored during your visit between the world’s first night zoo, the Grand Prix, or the many beaches (it is an island after all!). Read on to learn five amazing facts about Singapore!

1. It’s An Archipelago

Singapore is an archipelago, which is a collection of small islands.

Many of Singapore’s islands are uninhabited, but there are a few you should visit. There are several things to do on some islands, and others are just beautiful to look at and explore!

The island of Sentosa has a casino and Universal Studios!

Other notable islands of Singapore include Pulau Ubin, St John’s Island, Kusu Island, and Lazarus Island due to the beautiful beaches and sand.

2. There is a Height Limit

The city is bustling with tall buildings, busy people, and an expanding border. It is only 682.7 square kilometers, making it one of the smallest countries in the world.

Most residents live in high rise apartment buildings due to the small amount of land available,  but there is a limit to how high residential and business buildings can go.

Buildings must be under 280 meters tall, mostly due to busy air traffic.

3. The National Language is Malay

Despite only 13% of the population being able to fluently speak Malay, it is the national language of Singapore.

Malay is the language of the indigenous of Singapore before Britain showed up in 1819 and English became the language spoken amongst the people.

Today, the most common language spoken by Singaporeans is a form of English called Singlish. It is like English, with some Malay words and phrases incorporated into the language.

4. It’s Very Green

By green, we mean lots of trees, greenery, shrubbery, and more! Singapore is a city that’s covered with plants, which makes the city feel a bit homier.

There are nature reserves that carry even more types of trees and plants than the city. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve holds more species of trees than North America!

5. It’s a City-State

Singapore is one of the last remaining city-states that exist.

So is Singapore a city or a state (not like America’s states)? Both. It is its own country and a city.

What exactly is a city-state? It is a self-governing and independent country contained within the limits of a city.

Basically, Singapore runs a national government and has control over its people, but is also known as a city and runs like one.

Do These Facts About Singapore Make You Want To Travel There?

Ready to travel to Singapore? We don’t blame you.

Between the neat history, the beautiful greenery, and the stunning beaches, you’ll never get bored during your trip.

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