7 Top Places for Wildlife Journeys in Asia

People need to take a break for vacations for sometimes as it is healthy and has many benefits. Asia is one of the most states that have a fascinating wildlife.
Therefore, when you are looking for a place to go for a vacation, you can consider exploring the wildlife in Asia.

Some of the best places for wildlife journeys in Asia are:

1.    Komodo National Park, Indonesia

In the Komodo national park, you can get to come across real-life dragons. Only in the UNESCO world heritage site that you can see the Komodo dragon which is the most massive wizard all over the world. This lizard is also known as the Komodo monitor, found in the Indonesia islands which include the Komodo, Rinca, Flores, and Padar.

The dragon weighs about seventy kilograms, and its length is about three meters. This dragon is the main attraction in this region. In this region, it offers most of the best diving all over the world. Therefore, it gives you a chance to observe the tropical fish, manta rays, sharks, dolphins, turtles, pygmy and many others.

2.    Minneriya National Park, Sri Lanka

In this national park, it has the most significant gathering elephant in Asia. There are more than three hundred of the elephants that congregate in September and October. They come to drink, graze, play and to find mates. They form a wall gate of grey around the watering regions.

There are also other amazing animals that you can see in the Minneriya National Park. For example, leopards, macaques, sambar, wild boars, wild buffalo, porcupines and many more. Also, there are more than one hundred and seventy species of birds in the national park that include the large flocks of cormorants.

3.    Cardamom Mountain, Cambodia

This is the habitats for the thickest, wildlife-filled and the rainforest. It is habitable for multiple animals which include the wild Asian elephant, clouded leopards, Indochinese tigers, dolphins, humpback dolphins and others.
Also, in the Cardamom Mountains, it has various species of flora and fauna. This national park is also the last refuges of the Khmer Rouge as well as the off-limit war zone.

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4.    Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia

This is one of the national parks that Asia conservation effort started. This is the largest national park in Asia and one of the oldest rainforests all over the world. In the Taman Negara national park, you will get the experience of spotting the residents for instance Asian elephants, clouded leopard, rhinoceros and the tiger.

You will as well get the chance of seeing the primates which include the funny looking monkey, lizards, bears, snakes and Asian tapir. There are also more than fifty species of birds including the hornbill that has attractive color and size which means it plays a role in the local tribal ceremonies and rituals.

5.    Sepilok Rehabilitation Center, Malaysia

As a traveler, you can go to this to see the Batu Caves. Here you will find thousands of bats during the evening. You also can look at the orangutans.

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6.    Mai Khao Beach, Thailand

Thailand is a place that is a popular and busy island. The Mai Khao is a Phuket beach which encourages nesting turtles. The eggs are rescued from the surrounding beaches and given to Phuket aquatic biological center. Here they are provided with a safe home thus allowing them to hatch. Also, the young turtles get their strength while still therefore before they find their real home in the ocean.

7.    Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

In this national park, you can see the sloth bears during June and July where the palm trees have fruits. You can also sot other animals, for instance, buffalos, ruddy mongooses, wild pig langur monkey among others.

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Last Words

In the wildlife, you can easily go for a hunting trip. When you are going on such a trip, you can carry some items such as a perfect hunting knife, a lighter, map, jerky, and other things.

The travelers get it challenging to identify the best place to travel. Identifying the best wilder journeys, it’s what makes the trip to be so enjoyable.

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