8 Benefits of Exercise for Sleep

8 Benefits of Exercise for Sleep

Many health benefits accrue from exercising regularly. For instance, the quality of sleep you get will improve significantly. Although exercising comes in handy, you should ensure that you’re not exercising close to bedtime. If your family has a history of chronic illnesses, you should ensure that you’re keeping fit.

Some of the ways that exercise can help your sleep include:

  • Improve Sleep Quality

Exercising will ensure that you get more restful and sound sleep. The physical activity ensures that you get that deep sleep. As you exercise, you’ll notice that your immune functions and cardiac health will improve progressively.

  • The Amount of Sleep You Get Will Improve

Besides improving the quality of sleep, exercising ensures you sleep longer. As you exercise, you utilize significant amounts of energy, and you’ll feel more tired such that you’ll want to rest early. Your sleep duration will also improve.

  • Relieve Anxiety and Reduce Stress

If you exercise regularly, your stress levels will reduce significantly. When you’re stressed, you will experience sleep issues such as being restless throughout the night and having a hard time falling asleep. The best remedy for stress and anxiety is to exercise for some time daily. Some of the forms of exercise you can try out include yoga. Different forms of research have been conducted; it is evident that mind-body exercises help lower blood pressure and cortisol levels. Also, your mood will improve significantly.

  • Helps with Sleep Disorders Such as Insomnia

Some intense research has been conducted over the years, and it is evident that regular exercise is a remedy for sleep disorders such as insomnia. Researchers are still looking into how exercising can help treat insomnia. As per the present evidence, aerobics has been effective in reducing the symptoms of insomnia. The benefits also take time to manifest. You should not start exercising and expect instant results.

  • The Body Clock is Set by Daylight Exposure

As you try to exercise outdoors, you’re exposed to natural light, and the body will manage to set the sleep-wake cycle well. Exposure to the sun alerts the body about when you are supposed to be alert and when you should rest.

If you can’t get out, working out indoors will still ensure you get good quality sleep.

  • Exercising Will Tire You Out

If you’re more active, the body will ensure it has pushed you to sleep at night. Increased body activity will boost your sleep drive.

You should ensure you have not pushed yourself to the extent that you’re exhausted after each workout. Ensure you get some movement at all times. If you’re active during the day, such that you’re handling different chores and partaking in short walks, your sleep drive will improve significantly.

When the pandemic came about, people confined themselves to staying indoors because of fear of contracting the virus. At that time, it was not clear whether the virus was airborne. As a result, people wouldn’t move around a lot. Many people complained that the quality of sleep they were getting wasn’t as good.

Facilities such as gyms had been closed. Also, many people were working from home. As a result, people’s drive to sleep would be lowered because of the decreased activity. Many people were also stressed.

  • You’ll Have a Healthy Weight.

By exercising, you’ll manage to maintain healthy body weight. You’ll have a lower risk of suffering from issues such as obesity which contributes to sleep apnea. According to some professionals, hypnosis can help you get started for those who haven’t started exercising.

  • The Cardiac Rhythm Will Be Regulated

Different forms of exercise, including aerobics, help ensure the body secretes hormones such as serotonin such that your mood will be elevated. Serotonin ensures that various parts of the brain are signaled such that you can easily know when to wake up and when you should retire to bed.

Final Thoughts

Each night, we usually go through different phases as we sleep. When you exercise regularly, the slow-wave sleep phase will improve significantly, and it is commonly referred to as deep sleep. The slow-wave phase ensures your metabolism has improved and your brain will be healthier. All in all, as per the benefits listed above, we can concur that regular exercise should be a major part of our lives.

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