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How Car Dealerships Embraced the Pandemic the Smart Way

How Car Dealerships Embraced the Pandemic the Smart Way

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the buying habits of Australians were bound to change. Negotiating car prices online or over the phone will now be part of the new normal just to avoid getting infected with the virus. On top of that, car dealerships are becoming more flexible in trying to meet consumer demands by providing them with different means of buying.

With the rise of online selling, live streaming, and at-home test drives, buyers can now feel at ease when purchasing new or used cars. Car dealers are aware that 18% of car buyers during this crisis would prefer buying a vehicle if they can do it without having to visit the dealership.

But even if car-buying has become convenient, you still need to do your due diligence to ensure that the unit you are getting is indeed worth every dime.

Trends That Made Car-Buying Experience Easier

The dynamic of selling has changed due to the pandemic. What used to be far-fetched and unthinkable has now become a very good alternative. Car dealerships are now looking more into e-commerce solutions to sell their units to keep up with consumer demands without compromising their health.

Check out these latest trends for car buyers:

1. Online shopping

In the past, only private car owners and sellers mostly use the internet to get their units in front of their buyers. Today, even big car dealerships are jumping on the bandwagon, embracing all the perks that e-commerce has to offer.

Interacting with customers outside the showroom and straight into the virtual world has shifted the paradigm. While all forms of goods and services have used e-commerce for quite some time now, auto sales have now found their silver lining and are innovating ways to make car shopping as convenient to potential buyers as possible even during this pandemic.

2. More options for customers

Before the pandemic, big car dealerships were not really predisposed to selling their vehicles online. Now that most people are advised to stay at home, they also adapt by bringing their units straight to the consumers instead of the other way around.

Your search for used cars could start easily by just typing “used car garage near me” on Google. You will then be presented with a plethora of great options.

Talking to car dealers has also become more convenient for customers, knowing they can wait in the queue right in the comforts of their homes.

In the past, buyers would need to hop from one dealership to another just to find the perfect car. Now, online shopping has made things more convenient for both the buyer and the dealer. Before making a purchase, you can call Brisbane auto dealers or visit their websites to gather the information that you need.

3. Closer-to-home experience

With the ongoing restrictions brought about by the pandemic, more and more people prefer to buy cars online and receive the units through delivery. And to satisfy buyer needs, some car dealerships now offer test-drives done at the buyer’s home or through live streaming, purely digitising the buying experience. Check first with your trusted car dealer in Brisbane if this is something you, too, can experience.

You can now turn to YouTube for digital test drives. You can also read reviews online, check digital showrooms, watch video conferences, and more. These solutions allow you to know about a certain make and model. Once you have decided to buy, dealerships will then allow you to perform a test drive at home. For the unit that you are buying, it will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

Embracing the Global Change

How ironic that a global crisis had to take place before the automotive industry would embrace e-commerce for the most part. Despite all the things you may hate about this pandemic, the silver lining is just around the corner. Car dealerships are forced to embrace online selling and think about buyers’ welfare first. While we are fighting the spread of the virus, both buyers and dealers are becoming more flexible, creating a new dynamic that is a win-win for everyone.

For more smart tips that you can use when buying your next vehicle, check out our blog page!

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