How to tell the quality of tea when you see it

Tea is beautiful; there can never be an argument on that. Yet, choosing the right tea is not always the most beautiful task. This is because of the exasperating rigor of selecting between hundreds of tea brands.

Well, for the loose tea lover, one foremost skill you should have in your repertoire is the capacity to tell high-quality tea when you see it.

This requires a bit of experience, but we will teach you all you need to know about that. Here we would be educating you on how to tell good tea with just your senses.

How do you know good tea when you touch it?

The feel of tea goes a long way in determining if its quality is premium or less. This is more particular to dried tea leaves. If you have high-quality dried tea leaves on your hand, it shouldn’t be hard to tell. Smoothness is the fundamental trait you should be looking for.

High quality dried tea leaves also feel sturdy on your fingers. When tea becomes feather-light as to its feel, chances are very high that it is old tea leaves or it was dried excessively.

Tea of substandard quality tends to crumble when you handle them, however gently. If the tea quality is premium, when it steeped, it should be smooth or slippery when you touch it. This is something you notice when you go for excellent tea grades, notably when you buy rishi tea online.

Taste and tell

It is true you can ascertain the quality of tea from its taste. Good tea generally has a strong taste. When you roll the tea across your tongue, you should notice the intensity of the flavor.

Don’t rush your sip, do it gently and identify the flavor notes of the tea on your tongue. If you have good quality green tea instance, the taste should be sharp and should be distinctly smooth on the tongue. In the case of black tea, the taste is stronger.

Low-quality tea tends to betray themselves by their taste. Most of them alarmingly taste like chemicals and are often extremely astringent. In other scenarios, bad tea barely has any flavor. From this type of tea, here is what you should do: FLEE!

The smell is another determinant you can’t underrate

Simply put, tea is as good as its smell. The distinctness of your tea aroma is one of the quickest ways to tell if the quality is top notch.

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If your tea has a very passive scent in that you don’t readily pick the scent even upon deep inhalation, then it is likely the quality is not good enough. Old tea doesn’t smell well too. For example, when you buy rishi tea online, particularly the black tea variant, you notice a distinctly earthy smell which is also sweet. This is how excellent black tea should smell.

If it is green tea, then it should have a notable grassy smell which should be fresh as well. You can also tell good tea from the steeping smell. Should the quality of the tea pass the mark, then the tea would have a rich aromatic fragrance which brings the scents of the dry leaves to the fore.

Every sip of tea should be music to your taste buds. This is what Incredible Flavors gives you. Delicious rishi tea that are a melody to any tea lover. With Rishi tea, you get far improved quality of infusion than other tea bags. Take a refreshing sip and feel born again!

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