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Do you know how 4K Movies is now available with the lowest size?

Over the past few years we have seen a variety of video resolutions such as CD printers, 480p, 720p, 1080p, Bluray, 2K, 4K. Video resolution is as important as it is compressed codec. Many videos that are so far MP4 videos are compressed based on compression codec AVC / H.264.

However, the size of the file will be greatly increased to compress the video with 4K resolution. The compression algorithm of the H.265 (High Efficency Video Coding) has been used in recent times to overcome this problem. All 4K UHD Bluray videos are now based on HEVC. Also included is VLC 3.0 versions, which have been released in favor of HEVC codec.

These compression codecs reduce the video size by following 2 techniques mainly. Suppose a man is standing in a frame in a video. If his background is the only blue sky, the blue color is the same color pixel, so if a value is stored in a file during encoding, then where is the pixel used to store referrals. It is enough that the individual’s individual parts are stored separately in the file. This means that the frame size, indirectly decreases the video size.

Similarly, sometimes the heroic heroes are standing on the same background. The background does not change for 1-2 minutes. Color backgrounds in that background can be preserved once the file size can be reduced even if the scenes that change in the scene are stored separately.

We now follow two methods on the H.264 codec in the MP4 we are using. However, using these techniques more effectively compresses the H.265 video file size used in 4K videos.

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