Looking at Some of the Best Aero Precision Handguards for Your AR-15

When it comes to choosing handguards, hunters are engulfed with indecision amid the sea of handguard options screaming to sit on their rifles. Commonly, you would see hunters split between the choice of legacy drop-ins and free float handguards.

The truth is, legacy drop-ins are good enough for the essential task of safeguarding your hands when you shoot while allowing you an excellent balance to mount your accessories on your AR-15. However, there is the downside of such drop-ins impeding the accuracy when on your hunting expeditions. This is because such drop-in handguards interrupt the harmonics of your barrel.

This results in an overall distortion of your shooting accuracy with the bullet having an increased propensity to miss the intended target. This inconsistency is fundamental because, in the course of firing, the sling was excessively tight or the barrel was rested against an object.

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What Aero-Precision Brings to the Table

One of the best producers of budget-friendly handguards is Aero Precision. When it comes to the best upper receivers in the market, Aero Precision leads the pack for quality and affordability. Typically, aero precision handguard – the free float variant, are produced from 6061 (T6) aluminum.

In the sporting rifle industry, 6061 (T6) aluminum is the standard. These handguards from Aero precision masterfully combine KeyMod and M-LOK variations. We will be looking more at the M-LOK species from Aero Precision.

Aero Precision ATLAST R-ONE M-Lok Handguard

For hunters on the search for more modern handguards, you may want to go with this Aero Precision handguard. The base of the accessory is equipped with slings installed at both sides. The ATLAST R-ONE M-Lok Handguard boasts a Picatinny rail on its top. The sides, as well as the bottom, are accoutered with M-Lok slots. There are several color variants of this particular handguard. You can go with the black color or the flat dark earth.

The weight is also a significant consideration when talking about this handguard. For a 7″ length, the weight is 5.22 oz. 9″ comes at 6.03 oz while 12″ is 8 oz heavy. On the bigger side, 15″ weighs 9.07 oz. Don’t forget the fact that additional weight will come from the mounting hardware regardless of the choice of the handguard you opt for.

The Aero Precision ATLAS S-ONE M-LOK Handguard FDE

With the Atlas S-One, Aero Precisions suppresses the Picatinny rail design. Unlike its predecessor, the Aero Precision ATLAS S-ONE M-LOK Handguard FDE doesn’t have a prominent Picatinny rail. This rail design just comes at the rear as well as the front. The advantage to this is that you can readily install the front sight to a flat surface. This surface is more secured, saving you of excessive loads.

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The grip of the Atlas S-One handguard is more convenient for the hand. Being more rounded, it is, therefore, more suiting for those who prefer C-Clamp grips. It is also more suitable for those who habitually wrap their hand around the handguard’s top.

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