Most Popular Casino Games List

Most Popular Casino Games List

There are quite a few casino games on the list of popular ones.

Card Games

Some games are played with cards.


According to atulmalaviya, this casino game depends upon the five-card hand. The ranking of these five cards ranges from highest to lowest. It comprises of royal flush, straight flush, straight, two pair, etc. Whichever player can display the best hand becomes the winner. The earlier simple version has given rise to several forms of poker in modern times.


A dealer calls out numbers at random. The players strive to match these numbers to the ones they have on their respective cards. Each card measures 5 x 5. Each column displays the letters B-I-N-G-O. The free square is the one in the middle. Whoever manages to get a particular pattern correct shouts Bingo and collects his/her prize.


It is akin to a lottery. Every player receives a card. It has numbers on it, ranging from 1 to 80. The player has to select 20 of them at random. Then, he/she has to make a wager. The dealer/croupier registers the card. When all the players have finished registering their cards, the game begins. As the dealer calls out 20 numbers at random, the players strive to match them to the numbers on their respective cards. Whomsoever has the maximum number of matches becomes the winner.


The casino house and the player come face-to-face in this game. The dealer/croupier is the representative of the house. Every player receives two cards. The dealer keeps two cards for self too. He/she keeps one of them face down and the other one face up. Turn by turn each player strives to reach the number 21. Face cards carry the value of 10 each, while aces range from 1 to 11. Number cards carry their respective face values. The outcome of this game is that the winner must have a hand going anywhere near 21, but not over it.


The player has to insert some coins into a slot machine. Then, he/she must press a button or pull a handle. The wheels inside the machine begin to spin. It comprises of 3-5 simulated wheels. When the wheels stop spinning, a pattern of symbols emerges. This decides the winnings of the player.

Wheel of Fortune

The game table displays six symbols. The player bets on one of them. The 52-sectioned wheel is set to spin. When the spinning stops, the pointer comes to a stop on a particular symbol. All the players who bet upon it win the game.


Each player possesses a certain number of chips. They represent the money that he/she has paid for them. Each player places his/her bet on a certain number on the spinning wheel. This wheel spins in the clockwise direction. The ball that the dealer throws into it, however, moves in the counter-clockwise direction. Wherever the ball rests, it indicates the winner of that particular game.

Of course, these are not the only casino games. There are plenty more. However, the ones mentioned above are the trending ones.

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