What are the requirements handling the NICOP process?

No matter what, the NICOP process needs to be handled in person. Although there are amendments made for people to manage some parts of the process online, they still have to show up at the NADRA registration centre. Applicants are photographed and their biometric information taken for the processing at the registration centre.

If the entire process is being handled at the registration centre, the applications can also be filled out and verified there. With the option of handling a large part of the process online, applications are now being filled out and handled through the website. However, the site cannot substitute the in-person meeting for verification, photographs and biometric check.

The rest of the requirements for the NICOP process are:

  • An Original Pakistani Passport
  • In case the applicant doesn’t have a passport they have to apply for one.
  • Identification documents have to be submitted
  • Old NIC (Manual ID card, Shanakhti Card), Domicile Certificate, Matriculation Certificates. All submitted documents have to be issued from Pakistan.
  • Detailed birth certificate mentioning both parents names is mandatory for foreign applicants.
  • CNIC or NICOP card of both parents
  • One of the parents must have an updated marital status at NADRA otherwise the applications cannot be processed)
  • In case the documents of the parents cannot be provided, the CNIC / NICOP or 13 digit number of a sibling needs to be provided.
  • The physical presence of the immediate blood relative (father or mother or sibling) with their NICOP / CNIC is mandatory.
  • Applicants who are applying for their NADRA ID card for the first time, while being born before the 18th of April 2000 should have a father of Pakistani nationality. If only their mother is a Pakistan national, they are eligible for a Pakistan Origin Card (POC). ● Marriage Certificate for married applicants has to be provided.
  • Wherever applicable the divorce/death certificate of the spouse, thereby changing the marital status to divorced/widowed should be handled.
  • The original and photocopies of all supporting documents have to be provided.
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