The Secret to Shopping and Not Overspending

The Secret to Shopping and Not Overspending

“Just popping to the shops to get a pint of milk and loaf of bread” – if only it was that easy! It’s pretty impossible to pop into a supermarket without coming out with a whole lot more than you had initially planned.

Don’t fall victim to the flashy deals and enticing discounts that can leave you with a receipt longer than the simple two or three items you came for in the first place. Here are a few secrets and golden tips you can follow the next time you’re out shopping and want to avoid overspending!

Make a list and stick to it

Making a well- thought out grocery list for all the items you need to buy is the easiest and most effective way to avoid overspending at the grocery store. You need to, of course, be strict with yourself and make sure you stick to it. If you nail this, it is the only thing you really need to keep those pennies in your pocket.

Use a calculator

Pull out your cell phone and open the calculator every time you are trying to decide which items are a better deal. If you are stuck on whether to spend $3 for a regular-sized can of coffee grounds or $4 for a slightly bigger one, look at the difference in volume and calculate which is better value for money.

Avoid the “2 for $5” deals

You go to the grocery store for a tin of beans, then you notice that they are having a “2 for $5” promotional offer. You then start asking yourself, should you get two cans instead of just one? To be honest, it depends. Again, do the math and calculate whether you will be getting better value for your money with the promotional price. Also, if you only need one tin then it is usually better to just buy the amount you came for and avoid overspending on an item you may not use before it’s perishable date.

Think twice before adding that candy bar or gum packet to your trolley

Grocery store cash registers are lined up with colorful confectionaries in the form of enticing candy bars and various gum flavors. As these items are usually very cheap and eye-catching, customers don’t think twice about chucking them into their cart while checking out. The next time you find yourself reaching out for that Snickers bar, ask yourself would you have wanted to buy it if it wasn’t so conveniently displayed in front of you.

Shop with a partner

The truth of the matter is that most of us tend to overbuy and overspend when we’re shopping alone and there’s no-one looking at what you’re buying. After all, it’s much easier to treat yourself to something extra nice when you don’t have to make a case for it with a partner. Having someone along, whether it’s your life partner or a friend, gives you a second opinion and adds an extra point of control. They can help you decide whether you really need what you’ve picked out and decide whether the price is good.

Avoid grocery shopping on an empty stomach

Everything always seems so much more appealing when you’re feeling those hunger pains. Try your best to not go shopping for groceries if you hadn’t had a decent meal in a while. You can easily fall victim to snack purchasing and buying items that look good to you at the time to fill up and satisfy those hungry eyes.

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