Noise Cancelling Headsets for Professional Office Use

Headsets are some of the most appreciated accessory add-ons for a lot of professional businesses involving in call center or customer dealings over the phone. Headsets are used with different hardware setups like computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. Attaching modern headsets with your devices of any kinds or types can be done both through wires and through wireless Bluetooth technology as well.

Bluetooth technology has been trailing wired connectivity in terms of high-speed data transfers resulting in much efficient sound and music output. However, with regular upgrades, Bluetooth technology has been improving. Today with the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0, the difference in quality when it comes to headsets has also been put to rest.


Top 6 Noise Cancelling Headsets for Professional Office Use in 2018

Noise cancellation is one feature that is particularly useful for headsets when using them in a professional crowded environment. Although the noise-cancellation technology has been out for over 7 decades, it saw its major enhancements and upgrades in the past decade or so as well.

The reduction in the size of the noise cancellation microphone has enabled it to be used in most compact Bluetooth headsets as well. Options like Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets or others from Jabra, Sennheizer or Motorola provide users exactly what they want. Here are 6 of the best quality professionally perfect noise-canceling headsets in 2018:

Jabra Engage 65 Stereo Wireless Headsets

This is a two eared headset option and is one of the most recent introduced in the market. For people working in a mild to moderate level noisy environment these 490ft wireless range headsets work great. The 13 hours talk time you get with these high quality headsets make them perfect for a full day of calling. It even goes beyond that if you forget to put them on charge while closing up. This also allows a computer plug in connection while being connected with desk phone as well enabling call switching between landline and softphone applications efficiently.

With certified Skype usage and high quality YouTube or other multimedia apps playback, these can be used for that break time entertainment as well. Like many other wireless ones, this Jabra uses DECT technology but with Security Step C and using FIPS approved algorithms for key generation, authentication and payload encryption. Coming with 1 year’s manufacturer warranty, this Jabra option is one of the most secure in the market right now.

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Plantronics EncorePro HW720, HW301N

Plantronics Wireless Headsets are without a doubt some of the best in the market right now. Yet this corded EncorePro noise cancellation binaural (covering both ears) options is one of the best. Providing an excellent noise cancellation microphone, this also has posh leatherette cushions, high definition audio and a very expensive feeling sturdy construction.

The passive noise cancellation feature makes these perfect for even when no sound is playing making this one of the most unique options.The noise cancellation mic sits right below the base of the earphone avoiding any interference with peripheral vision. The microphone can also be extended to a suitable distance from the mouth as well.

However, like the above mentioned Jabra option, these also don’t cancel out the loudest noises and are useful only in mild to moderately noisy environments. Having a 2 year’s manufacturer’s warranty, these also require a bottom cable or amplifier to work best.

Plantronics SHR2083-01 Rugged Headsets

Standing true to their name, these Plantronics Headsets have very sturdy materials including the wires that are usually the most fragile part. These wires can stand up to UV, solvents and even oils at any (most) extreme temperatures as long as you don’t expect them to last in boiling water.

Made specifically for very loud environments like aircraft carriers or the fabled New York Stock Exchange, these have 22db noise reduction through the ear cups and 20db through the microphone.These circumnaural corded headsets are a sure step away from any of the Plantronics Wireless Headsets and can even go through repairs or maintenance if required.

With ability to stay quite in the loudest environments both for the listener and the caller and a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty, these suit call loud tight call centers or engineering sites best.

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Jabra Engage 75 Stereo Wireless Headsets

Having mentioned the Engage 65 at the top, the 75 needed a mention because they make the new technology even better with quality feature add-ons. The extra-long range, adequate talk time on one charge and much-advanced noise cancelation are still available with these Jabra options.

The main technology upgrade is in its ability to connect even more devices and a touch screen base. Being able to connect with 5 devices at one time the Engage 75 are one of the best professional conference headsets.

These 5 devices can be 2 USB, 2 Bluetooth, and 1 desk phone. The fancy materials and flashy appeal of these headsets make them look and feel luxurious and worth their price. Not only can you take the headset away from the base but you can carry the base with you when required as well.

The included 1 year’s manufacturer warranty is enough to provide you peace of mind that your product is well protected.

Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC Bluetooth Headsets

Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets don’t come better than this one with the price that these come at. These are the most recent Plantronics Wireless Headsets offerings and features an Omni Directional Boomless Microphone, 20 hours of talk time on one charge and dual mode active noise cancellation. These can be used with Bluetooth enabled devices or with corded desk phones with a USB switch. Music playback or multimedia usage when not on the phone can be enjoyed for up to a staggering 24 hours.

An open mic button is also available with these exquisite quality headsets from Plantronics that allow you to have a listen to your surroundings. With comfortable and large sized ear cups covered by some of the softest leatherettes and a 1-year manufacturer warranty, these Plantronics headsets are some of the best in the market right now.

These are some of the top wireless headsets available in the market today. Plantronics Wireless Headsets and Jabra Bluetooth options are some of the best ones in the market. Then there is Sennheizer as well who provide much more expensive and considerably better quality headsets. Personal usage where you need a single or a couple of headsets can be chosen as per preferences. But with the professional circuit, high quality and cheaper prices of Plantronics and Jabra are always welcomed.

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