Top Secrets Of Visual Branding

Visual elements such as colors and logos help to differentiate your brand from many others on the market. Indeed, your logo can’t always tell your story and the company’s values, but it can build certain associations in customers’ minds. That’s why it’s crucial to work on your visual branding after doing some research.

Here are a few visual branding secrets that can help you deliver the right message to your target audience:

Natural symbols

According to a study conducted by the Research Centre in Management and Economics, most people prefer natural logos over abstract ones. When creating a logo for your company, you should come up with something most people can understand and even repeat in their drawings. Look at Nike, McDonald’s, Apple. Their logos are pretty simple yet recognizable.

The right font

The font is a small detail. However, according to multiple studies, people prefer brands with the appropriate font.

Choose your font and conduct a survey during the brand development process. It will help you to learn the opinion of your target audience. This is a necessary step since the whole visual branding should primarily satisfy the needs of your customers.

After conducting a survey, you should keep your font consistent.

The Divine Proportion

The Divine Proportion, also known as the Golden Ratio, should be applied to your logo. Basically, it is all about balancing the composition ( in your case- logo). Some studies have shown that logos with the Divine Proportion attract more people.

Check out more tips on visual branding in the infographic provided by Stickeroo:

Top Secrets Of Visual Branding


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