Who Is Rihanna Dating? Hassan Jameel Is Still the Man in Her Life.


If we talk the popularity and fame of Rihanna, probably we don’t need to introduce the Rihanna itself, right? She is the queen of rapper songs. Rihanna, the most public name which also attached to the billionaire person named Hassan Jameel.

He is actually a Saudi billionaire who is a vice chairman in his own family business. He also got much fame after being connected in the relationship with Rihanna.

Hassan and Rihanna met in the year of 2017 and turned into the relationship of “bf/gf.” However, Rihanna is continuously dating to Hassan for about seven months.

How did people know about the relationship story of Rihanna?

Back in the year 2017, in June, some photos of both Rihanna and Hassan were released while they were getting hot and wet in a hot tub.

Somehow, later on, those photos are all now deleted since then, but people were frequently wondering and guessing like who the heck this random guy with Rihanna lived in Spain.

However, from that day, fans know that Rihanna and Hassan have been in dating and surprisingly they looked hot together as well.

Interesting Facts about Hassan Jameel:

Then when the story revealed publicly to the people, they got to know that this guy is a Jameel, son of Hassan Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel, thus, Hassan is also a well-known personality in the world.

As the Toyota successor, he’s rich — like, really rich. For most of 80 years, Hassan’s family has actually been involved, “the sole heirs of the claim to further sell Toyota cars in the country Saudi Arabia,” according to COED. This appears as a great result in Hassan’s net worth meeting at a massive $1.5 billion.

In addition to the facts, the 29-year-old Jameel also works as the vice chairman and deputy president of the company of his own family named, Abdul Latif Jameel.

Also, according to the reports of the Daily Mail, this company is one of the biggest companies we have seen in the entire world.

Is Hassan still the man in her life?

Money is great, we agree to this point, but this thing doesn’t relate to Rihanna’s point of view. As because Rihanna her own has a net worth of about $36 million, according to the last 2018 reports of Forbes.

Rihanna is a big name and face for the industry, she worked since ages and now able to earn that much amount.

Though, we have also seen that their relationship is surely rooted in big ol’ fashioned connection. According to the reports of Daily Mail, the source said that: Rihanna is “smitten” with Hassan Jameel.

This relationship is a true chance. Rihanna has actually told to many of her friends that yes finally she’s in love with Hassan and seems totally smitten. They’ve normally been spending together a lot of time away from staring eyes and basically are really serious into each other.

They’re truly involved in each other and really enjoying their company together. But somehow, their relationship was cut out under a rug, and we don’t think so we can see them again as partners.

What happened back in 2018?

Yes, that’s the year where we have seen the couple again on the screen, and this time, they were together at the popular 1 OAK nightclub in NYC.

However, they both actually arrived and also separately took photographed, many sources also claim the two were in a sort of “coupled up” all night long.

According to another source, they said: the two weren’t scared or worried to display a little PDA, and if we talked about Rihanna, then she looked so much happy with Hassan, said by the source E!

However, it is also true that they both look so happy and hot together and seeing both of them together is like a dream come true. Because, their fans don’t want them to go for separation, as they are looking so perfect with each other’s company.

Thus, these two lovebirds would be sound like another hit couple on the list of Forbes 2019, for sure. As because, another eyewitness report of these two lovebirds came from a realtor and the most famous NYC and as well as Miami socialite, Malcolm Edwards.

So, we are assured that the son of Hassan Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel, is still the men in Rihanna’s life, and we also think that they can’t live each other’s away.

Although in the past year 2017, when they both got a long break, people thought that the couple would never be seen again together, now in the last months of 2018, their fans have seen them together as a happy couple.

So, yes, it is a remarkable sign that Hassan is still the man in Rihanna’s life and maybe will stay forever.

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