10 Modern Designs for Small Spaces

10 Modern Designs for Small Spaces

The better you can live in a small space, the more flexibility you will have. You can likely find cheaper rents for small spaces, and by limiting your possessions you force your creative muscles to work a little harder.


Too much color in a small space will make it look as though you live in a box of broken crayons. Choose one color or tone for your major pieces, such as your couch/bed, and build on that. If you want to add a touch of luxury, stay in the color family and add something with lush texture, such as a velvet pile throw.


If you only have one window, make the most of it. To maintain privacy, you’ll need some sort of window covering, but make sure as much light as possible can get in the space in the daytime. In darker corners, try to add a tall lamp or a small light on a high shelf to spread light far and wide. Finally, put up mirrors to bounce around the light you have.


There’s no reason your small space can’t be comfortable. Size your furniture to suit your body. If you’re tall, hang pictures, mirrors, and wall storage units at your convenience. If you’re short, customize down. A small space can be perfect for one person, so feel free to make it yours.


Be flexible with storage. If you have a captain’s bed but don’t want to fold all your clothes, put in drawer dividers and use part of a drawer for bathroom storage, or check the weight tolerance and store canned goods or other food staples under the bed in sealed plastic tubs. If you’ve got artwork with an open back, such as a canvas image of a photograph, put small hooks into a small piece of wood, mount it to the wall as a hanging bar, and hang your necklaces behind the canvas print.


Having a small space will force you into minimalism or you’ll start drowning in your stuff. When things wear out, don’t replace them unless you absolutely must. If you do find something you love, consider what you’ll get rid of when you get the item home. For everything you bring in, be ready to get rid of something.


Install sliders in your kitchen cabinets so they pull out. Rather than bending, crawling, and struggling to find things, a heavy duty slider can allow you to nest your belongings and get much more in your lower cupboards. Carefully guard your counterspace. If you use the toaster and the coffee pot every day, leave them on the counter. Your mixer, food processor, and other tools that are useful but are not put to work on a daily basis, need to go in a cupboard. If you can, put in a glass-top stove so you have another flat surface to work on.


Avoid round storage furniture; it’s a big waste of space in a small home. Check out the square things in your home to see if you can open things up and put the storage to use. A lofted bed will save floor space, and the stairs can become bookshelves.


You may dream of a studio apartment when your kids are grown. Why not take a Tiny Away vacation with your spouse and study ways you can reduce now to prepare for a tiny empty nest?


If you work from home, or are a digital nomad and can work from anywhere, create a distraction free portable office that can go with you. Invest in a quality computer backpack that is

  • waterproof
  • static-resistant
  • easy to secure
  • comfortable for long walks

Inside it, makes sure you have room for noise cancelling headphones and a charging outlet block. This mobile office will allow you to visit anyplace with an outlet, charge all your electronics, and get some work done. To work in your tiny home, make sure you either have a good chair and a desk at the right height, or get a portable desk and configure cushions to get to the right height. Slouching on the couch does not make for a good working posture.

Carbon Footprint

Going small lessens the burden each of us place on the earth. Having exactly what you need to thrive in a small space and being able to manage it easily is tremendously freeing.

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