13 business ideas to make money easily in 2018

I have a problem. Whenever I look for a way to make more money I find more and more possibilities. I’m not exaggerating to make the line bigger, the methods are incredibly numerous. You may not notice them because you have your head on the handlebars but since I look, I find it constantly. It is with this in mind that I wrote my ebook ” How to find a business idea “: it has never been so easy. If you want to start an activity, even complementary, look at my ebook!

Today, here are 13 business ideas for starting a business at home and staying in pajamas. It’s not about fake ads “Earn 3000 $ a month by doing nothing”. I speak of honorable and serious business. Safe and progressive income. Nothing is done in one night. It will take work but the possibilities are there.

If there is one idea you need to keep in mind, this is: make other people’s lives easier, more enjoyable and less stressful.

Idea # 1: Find talent

Here is a first idea totally in tune with the times: find talents and put them in touch with companies. Competent people are rare and will continue to be with the exit of the world of work from a large number of seniors. Choose a particular domain (normally the one you come from) and get in touch with the companies that are hiring. Good recruitment is vital for a company. It is estimated that a recruitment error costs the equivalent of 3 to 5 years of salary to a company (dry loss, loss of opportunity, loss of confidence …).

You know how to convince and search? This may be for you!

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Idea # 2: Offer Accounting Services

Cashflow is pretty critical right now and companies need help to collect and account for their money. If you have expertise in this field or if you know how to find and organize skills in this area, there is a lot to do to make life easier for companies in the field.

Idea # 3: Bring Technology Advice

It is a helpful service in choosing an ADSL package. The number is free and the person points you to the offer best suited to your needs. In this area, other consulting companies can be set up: purchase of a computer, a phone plan, a heating equipment, air conditioning …

Idea # 4: Rewriting Resumes

Economic conditions make access to jobs more difficult and having a well-written CV is crucial. For having peeled a lot of CVS, I can tell you that it is a criterion of direct elimination. The only purpose of a resume is to qualify for the interview. Many revisions and rewrite services exist. Why not start yours? Why not imagine extending the service to recruitment coaching?

It’s really about listening to get to understand a course and a person by phone and to transcribe it in an attractive way.


Idea # 5: Dating service

13 million singles in the United States of which 77% are looking for a relationship. If the internet dating market is saturated, there are still many things to do in the real world. For example, the appearance of speed dating was an interesting opportunity. Each participant pays between 30 and 40 euros to attend a party and meet the soul mate. Specialized travel agencies for singles have grown.

If you have an unprecedented formula on this sector, it is a lucrative and interesting market but whose clientele is difficult to retain …

Idea # 6: Diagnose used cars

In this area, the concern is in order. You never know if the car you buy is healthy or not. Has she been injured? Have the revisions been done as the seller says? is a vehicle expert service. For 95 €, you receive a complete analysis of your vehicle but also an accurate estimate of the price you should pay. With the contraction of the economy and the fact that buying a used car is much cheaper than buying a new vehicle, it’s a safe bet that this type of service will develop!

Idea # 7: Interior Improvement

On one side there are the interior decorators and on the other the carpenters and painters. Fill the gap between all this! Improve the interior design of your customers by creating simple and tailor-made storage for them. It requires being a little handyman (and yes, it will not stay in pajamas for this idea!) But it is a huge market. We all want a personalized and well-decorated interior.

Idea # 8: Fun animations for children (and parents)

Here is another idea that I find great. If I had children, I would have used their services. fun science is a network that organizes educational hobbies through discovery and experience. Created in 1994, this company is composed of many people who animate the workshops in question.

The area of children’s education is an area where many things are possible!

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Idea # 9: Take care of burials

Here is another service that relieves and comforts people. When one is far from the grave of a relative, it is impossible to maintain one’s grave: this is what Intersepulture proposes. At the request or an annual contract, they propose to take care and to bloom the grave of a relative. It must be said that this is a sector where there is no need to worry about the potential number of customers …

Idea # 10 Think about lottery

just like the lottery, Prize bond is my best way to earn money without doing anything. just buy it and keep the bond and wait for the result and check Prize bond list 100. You may win the game

Idea # 11: Be a virtual assistant

More than 60 000 € per year, here is what a good virtual assistant can win. Tempting?

The sector is developing enormously with the fact that telework is becoming more widespread and that the Internet is becoming less and less afraid of managers and managers. The virtual assistant is like a “real” assistant except that it is usually less expensive and moreover it is often very reliable: it is a freelancer with a network able to ensure that your requests will be executed. You can give him administrative tasks, simply documented procedures or even the elements specific to your company. The delegation is an art and if you be interested in a virtual assistant, appended to understand and clarify the expectations of your customers!

Idea # 12: Organize teleconferences on cutting-edge topics

Here is another perfect business for the house. Instead of continuing to have to travel, rent rooms, a catering service, and all the associated hardware logistics, why not offer teleconferences on a subject you are familiar with and convince companies to pay you for it? Be careful, it’s not about being the expert: you can know the experts and pay for their intervention. You can find companies that have legal, financial or technical problems and wish to have help from specialists. Gather this beautiful world and voila. This is an area where a company pays 700 to 1000 € a day to train a person when it comes to traditional training.

Idea # 13: Take a classic idea and make the original

Watch Pinky Movers. It’s a moving company that instead of showing big hairy guys focuses its communication on the rose and the fact that women are involved in making boxes. Here is a very original way to approach a market



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