6 Design Mistakes that Businesses must not Commit at any Cost

Designing aptly for their websites is one of the best ways so that a company make certain that it can attract their target audience. But many companies commit some grave mistakes that make their designs a shoddy look and can give it a touch that can falter it big time. Let me offer you 8 tips about what not to do for coming up with a breathtaking design.

  1. Design doesn’t always Speak for itself

If you are coming up with a website for selling or renting out books, you need to show your audience that you are in fact dealing in books and not a candy store. The point I want to make is that your design do speak for itself but not always. With graphics, animations and above all content, you can tell your audience that what your website is all about. The colors and the font style can also make your website speak exactly about what it is all about.

  1. Unorganized Visuals

The design is all about visuals and you need to make sure that how user-friendly your design is. You must have been gone through content on websites which literally looks like shouting at you without no discreet reason. Also the design can make your eye get sore. This is exactly what you can call a noisy and unorganized visual, so what you can do about it. Let’s explore.

If you will not lay down your visuals properly then you will not have clear navigation for your website. Clear readability, apt location of ads and banners are what make everything worth looking at.

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  1. Haphazard Navigation and Site Structure

A broken link or a 404 page error can be really annoying for a person looking for the information for the first time. Most of the times, people look for an information without scrolling down or clicking on too much links. So make sure that you have most of the information in the right place. It is like a big blunder so that it can make or break your website’s potential to draw people in hordes or turn them away for good.

  1. One Page Websites which are too long

One page websites have gained popularity off late but there is a flip side. If your website is too long then it will give the impression of that you have too much content and don’t how to fit it in the narrative of website. One aspect in this regard that you can give the visitors of your website assistance through anchor links. This will certainly help them jump from one section to another and back to the top of the pages in a jiffy.

You can easily break down long passages of content into short passages so that it can be read easily as no one wants to go through a story book kind of content. Optimize your website to make it good enough for your first time visitors to make them a regular one.

  1. Contact Details

There are many options for a designer working for a web design agency to include contact details very conveniently. You need to make sure that your website doesn’t falter in this concern as some users can get very irritated if they can’t find a link or information about where to contact you or the webmaster for any issue they are having.

  1. Need of Specific Plugins

I am certain that no website owner would want to turn down visitors. But businesses commit tis grave mistake by offering a website which require multiple plugins to download and without them a website doesn’t work at all or offer very limited visibility. This is a serious issue that you need to consider. Design a website which is compatible with most of the plugins which are already present in a popular browser like Chrome or Opera. Don’t try to incorporate a design element or animation that require a specific plugin as most visitors will not install for various reasons and all your hard work will be of no use.

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Final Word

While there can be some other design mistakes companies can commit, I have mentioned the most common and obvious ones. If you think you can add something of substantial value to this blog or have a query in mind, please use the comments section below.


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