MicroSoft is Ready to develop its own cashierless store

According to a new report from Reuters this morning, Amazon can make a new competition with Microsoft on automated, automated store technology, according to a microphone. The report claims that Microsoft is in the process of promoting their system to track those tracks in the vehicles, but it does not provide details on how Microsoft’s technology runs. Or how can it be different from the other in the market.

Perhaps, it would be like the existing system like Amazon.

Amazon Googo Stores use complex networks of sensors on shelves, cameras, and A. How people picked up their bags and detect the place. For example, other initial updates are also working on their machine vision powerful checkout systems, such as standard syndication, AiFi, and AVA retail. Later, with half a dozen others, Microsoft partners on the cloud are building their check-out services or related technology.

Micro Microsoft includes 10 to 15 people working on retail store technology within their business e-group, including a computer-based computer vision expert. The team has tested things like using smartphones to carry cameras to shopping cars and to pay in different ways.

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The center of these efforts, not just for the promotion of new store technology but also for retailers, is a small approach to working.

Microsoft is talking about its efforts to retailers, and sample technology has been shown during the talks, including Waltets. The company did not comment on the report on the ritual.


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