Phrases the Agents of Call Centre Companies Should Avoid Using

What a person speaks and the way he speaks tells a lot about him. Isn’t it? Likewise, what the agents speak and the way they speak it tells a lot not just about them but also about the company they represent and also the call centre companies they work in. That is why it becomes prudent for the agents to be very careful with their words. It is so as the phrases used to leave an impression on the mind of the callers, which make them decide if they should stick around and continue using the products or switch to some other company. If even a word of the agent makes the caller feel like he is unvalued, he gets aggravated.

But how do you exactly know the phrases that you should be speaking and that you shouldn’t be? Don’t worry! We have a list of phrases that callers abhor listening. Take a look and stop using them before it is too late.

You are our Priority

The main concern of every caller is to get the solution to their problem quickly. However, agents instead of doing so, try to flatter them with phrases like you are our priority and we value you. Remember the callers know this well that they aren’t a priority as there are so many more calls to attend and tasks that a business needs to manage. Hence, it is better to resolve their issue or give them a proper timeline for the progress of their complaint resolution.

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Kindly Hold for a Moment

No one likes being put on hold. However, there are certain situations wherein putting the customer on hold is necessary. So, it is always better to tell the caller why you are putting him on hold. Let him know why it is so important to put him on hold and how will it help in the solution. For instance, the agent can say please hold for a while sir, allow me to speak to my manager so that I can get back to you with the best solution.

That’s our Policy

The agents working in call centre companies should never say this. There is a way to say no to the caller, bluntly responding them with – this is against our company policy or etc. will not lessen the anger instead it will aggravate further. So, if you want to retain the customer, offer him something so good that he forgets that you haven’t solved their problem.

I cannot do anything about it

Never ever say this to a caller. He has called you in expectation of a solution from you. You are not supposed to tell him a no against the explanations he gave you for his problem. Reps should always offer some perk to cover up the loss, or some alternative solution to the problem in a better way.

You can check our Website

This is another way of saying no. An agent is supposed to solve the problem of the customer by offering him a solution not tell him to check the website. He must have checked and even if the caller hasn’t, the agent should solve the problem he is facing. Moreover, if needed, send them the link to the page they should check on the website so that they don’t have to wander on the company’s website cluelessly.

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I have no idea / I don’t Know

If the agents are not trained properly or don’t take their work seriously, they will say this. It is important for the agents to have answers to the queries and problems of the customer. However, if the agent really doesn’t know the solution to some unique problem, he should say- I will find out the answer, just give me a moment. Meanwhile, he should talk to some senior and then provide a solution to the caller.

I handle another department

The agents of the reputed call centre companies should understand that it is not the headache of the customer to know which department is ought to solve which problem. If they have called you, it is your duty to give them a solution, to help them. If in case, you cannot provide the solution due to lack of knowledge, just tell them politely that I am not the best person to speak in this regard, so I am transferring your call, please stay on the line, your patience would be highly appreciated.

Keep the aforementioned points in mind and make sure no agents use such phrases in your call centre companies respectively.


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