These Street Foods in NYC Might Leave You Craving For More

You don’t have to always walk into a restaurant to fill your tummies. There are innumerable options available on the roads which don’t just fill your tummies but also cost you less compared to the ones available inside the restaurants. The best part is some of these street foods are so tasty that you might want to have them again and again.

NYC streets are filled with huge varieties of street food and you should totally not miss out on visiting these places and taste the food present there. These places are known for their crazy foodventions. Be it donuts or pizzas or barbeques or sausages or ice-creams or candies or anything. Find them all on the streets and in NYC. So let’s explore more of the street foods in NYC.

  1. NUTS 4 NUTS

All the midtown travelers out there get ready to go nuts for these nuts available at Nuts 4 Nuts. Find some of the most exotic roasted nuts like almonds, chestnuts, walnuts and packages containing various sorts mixed together. You can actually smell the aroma that comes when they roast those nuts in the open fire. Streets away, the aroma floats by and you have to push yourself and move ahead by elbowing the already existing crowd to grab your pack of these goodies. You find them almost in every street of NYC.


Walk down the Front and Walls Sts. and find some street food trucks that offer you some amazing Pizzas which are customized as per your choice. Varieties like eggplant parm, chicken parm and sausage and pepper combination are worth dying for and that is why you see a lot of people hanging here. The pizza available here were actually experiments and it takes a lot of courage to sell something experimental when it comes to food. So you should be visiting this place undoubtedly.


Slushes and slurps? How about some smoothies too? If you are tired of your corn and maple syrups that contain high amounts of fructose, then maybe you should travel to Smorgasburg, 70 N. Seventh St. in Brooklyn on a Saturday and taste the icy concoctions available there. Blueberries are darlings here and you can find all the natural slushes available here. Find trucks of slushes at Smorgasburg.

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If you are hungry for some ice-cream then the trucks parked near Williamsburg at Bedford and N. Sixth are your saviors. You get to choose from some amazing flavors like mint chips or pistachios or many other natural flavors that don’t consist of any preservatives.  There are even custom-made pops especially for the Vegans so that they don’t mess with their lactose levels. There is even a pop with some root beer and you will totally love it. You can track these trucks online and then find them in various streets.


Rejoice Indians for New York City is now fond of Hyderabad’s famous Biryani. You don’t have to crave for the Indian Food when you visit NYC. The best part is that you find this signature dish of Hyderabad with a different style on the streets of NYC. Find some Kati rolls, biryani spread on Indian flatbreads and also in the form of rollups. Get two over-stuffed rolls of chicken or lamb for just $6. Why would you need to dress up and walk into a high-end restaurant when you can find some of these innovatively delicious tastes right on the 46th St. and Sixth Avenue streets?


Daniel Delaney’s BBQ stand at High Line at W. 16th St. and 10th Avenue offers its signature sandwiches with some Texas-style briskets which are surely something that you shouldn’t miss. Deckles come with the combinations like pickles and onions. Surely a great barbeque really doesn’t need the old-style garnishing. The picnic tables arranged can be your mini-date zones for the evening.

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These are just some of the innumerable options available on the streets of New York. If you ever get the chance of booking some flight tickets to USA, visit New York and grab a local map to find out more about these street foods in NYC. You will totally love being here and that that is why you should already start planning about it. Let Indian Eagle help you with your flight tickets with our best offers and deals so that you save more on your airfares and spend them on this food fest.


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