Top Natural Home Remedies for Bursitis

Description: Reading the article on home remedies for bursitis will help you find out best treatment and prevention for this common skin problem.

What is Bursitis?

Bursitis is known as the inflammation of 1 or even more bursae. It can have a negative impact on the joint in your elbow, shoulder, knee, hip, heel or big toes Bursitis can become acute and chronic.

Causes of bursitis

Bursitis is mainly caused by continuous movements and pressure irritating the bursae. Another contributing factor consist of chronic system health issues, injury as well as some inflammatory condition such as scleroderma, arthritis or gout.

Take note that relying on your affected joint position, patients can witness various symptoms. However, there are several common symptoms like swelling, stiffness, pain or having difficulties in using your affected joint.

Remember that everyone can have bursitis but some certain factors can put you at a higher risk of contracting this problem. They contain aging or a job requiring repetitive movements on bursae.

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Bursitis can become the sign indicating that you need to take it easy as well as get the body relaxed to help ease the swelling and reduce the pain. In most situations, it can fade away by its own in only a week.

When it comes to bursitis treatments, resting is a key to everything, Along with that, some best home remedies for bursitis are available to help ease the pain, cure the condition and stop the problem from re-occurring.

In case you are suffering from massive swelling or a fever, consult the doctor as soon as possible.

Following are top natural home remedies for bursitis that should be taken into consideration.

  1. Cold Compress

One of the most effective home remedies for bursitis is cold compress. It can help you deal with pain and swelling caused by bursitis. Basically, the cold temperature can solve the swelling, hence, reducing the pain by numbing your affected area. It also aids in reducing the inflammation and tenderness.

Cold compress reaches its effectiveness when it is used from 24 to 48 hours of contracting bursitis.

How to apply:

  • Have some ice cubes wrapped in a clean towel
  • Place this ice pack over your affected area and leave it on for about 20 minutes
  • Before elevating the joint, remove the ice and then have a rest.
  • Perform the same treatment for several days till your condition gets improved.

Note: you should not apply your ice directly over your skin because it can lead to frostbite.

  1. Warm Compress

If you experience acute bursitis in 48 hours, warm compresses can be your life saver because it can assist in improving the flow of your blood to your affected area, thereby, reducing the stiffness as well as combat with the inflammation.

How to apply:

  • Soak a clean towel in warm water
  • Rub it over your affected area and wait for about 20 minutes
  • Perform the same treatment for a couple of times on a daily basis.

You can opt for choosing a warm bottle of water as your warm compress. In addition, you can wash your area with warm water as well.

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  1. Massage

Don’t ignore massaging when you are suffering from bursitis no matter how sever it is. Massage is beneficial for reducing your discomfort. It aids in improving the circulation and then alleviate the swelling, along with stiffness. Besides, the treatment is deal to help you relax. You can massage by yourself or get it done by a health experts.

How to apply:

  • Prepare some warm coconut, olive, or sesame oil
  • Rub the oil over your affected area
  • Massage it for about 10 minutes
  • Place a warm towel over your affected area.
  • Perform the same process for several times per day till your bursitis disappears.

Note: You should not avoid massage as the infection causes the bursitis.

  1. Castor Oil

Another amazing treatment for bursitis is castor oil. The oil is loaded with ricinoleic acid that contain anti-inflammatory agents to help ease the pain and then minimizing the inflammation. Apart from that, it can aid in enhancing your joint mobility.

How to apply:

  • Dip some wool flannel in your castor oil
  • Place it over your affected joint and get it covered with a wrap
  • Put a bottle of warm water or the heating pad over your affected area and have it covered with a towel
  • Wait for about 40 minutes before removing it
  • Rub the oil left over the skin and wash it off with warm water
  • Re-apply the same treatment for about four times per week
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar can help you with restoring the alkalinity in your body, hence reducing the inflammation effectively.

Along with that, some minerals such as calcium, magnesium or phosphorus in apple cider vinegar can help with fluids balancing.

How to apply:

  • Dip a thin towel in apple cider vinegar and get it wrapped over your affected area for a few hours on a daily basis
  • You can add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to some honey and place them in a cup of water. You can consume it for two times on a daily basis for several days.


Along with some home remedies for bursitis, you can feel safe to be taken care of.


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