5 Effective Ways To Clean Up Your Computer

5 Effective Ways To Clean Up Your Computer

Your disk and operating system need to be cleaned up on a regular basis because unused files and junk files can harm your computer, that’s why cleaning and maintaining your PC is a must if you want it to run smoothly. It’s really easy these days to clean up your PC but yet many people still neglect to do so, you can clean up your computer without spending any money, but if you’re looking for premium features you need to invest a few dollars for better optimization of your computer. If your PC is running slow, you definitely need to clean it up and in this article we’ll share with you some of the effective ways to do that.

Clean Your Hard Drive

As time goes on, your hard drive is filled with a lot of data and this can slow down your computer. If any hard disk is completely filled without free space, the operating system might not function properly, SSD hard drives are exception to this rule because they work differently. If you want your hard drive to be responsive just like when it’s new, you need to clear all junk files.

Windows has a feature that allows you to free up more space on your hard drive by removing temporary files and folders, emptying the recycle bin and more. To access this feature just type ‘Disk Clean Up’ in the search bar of your PC and it will show up so that you can start running the app. Ou can find also some type of scripts to automatically clean windows update files from your computer.

Get Rid Of Programs You Don’t Need

You need to delete any program you haven’t used for a long time, we’re talking of programs you haven’t used since you install them or it’s been years since you access these programs. Some of these programs consume a significant space on your hard drive and deleting them will free up more space on the drive.

Defrag Your Drive

After removing unwanted files, it’s now time to defrag your hard drive. Defragging will compact remaining data to help your Pc access data efficiently, it also help speed up your Pc because it eliminate the gap between packets of data. You should however understand that SSD hard drive shouldn’t be defragmented, doing so can cause your Pc to misbehave.

In order to use the defragment feature you should search for ‘Defragment and Optimize Drives’ on your PC, you’ll be give the option to choose the hard drive you want to defragment.

Clear Programs From Starting Automatically After System Start Up

Most programs that start automatically can cause slow Pc performance, you don’t need to delete these programs but you should prevent them from starting automatically.

Clean And Organize Desktop

Clear up unnecessary shortcuts for programs you don’t use often. Also stop creating and storing documents on your desktop. Create separate folders for your files in the document folder. Name your folders correctly and use the right keywords so that they’re easier to find when you search for them.

Following these tips will help your computer run smoothly and also prevent it from accumulating junk files. Every Pc needs to be maintained in order to run smoothly and that’s why it’s important to ensure your Pc remains clean from junk files for optimum performance.

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