7 ways to restore old and worn out carpets

7 ways to restore old and worn out carpets

Stains, snagging, and other eyesores can make your carpet appear as if it is time for it to be placed on the trash heap. But replacing your worn-out carpet with a new one may be an expense that is unnecessary. In fact, many salvageable carpets are thrown away because their owners do not know how to revive them. The following tips can save you money by helping you bring life back to your old and worn-out carpet.

Use Scissors

Sliding heavy furniture across the floor or a clawing pet can easily make your carpet appear a bit tattered. Often times, furniture owners use their hands to pull at the loose threads that result from this activity. In many instances, pulling the thread will only make matters worse. You should use scissors to snip the loose threads that cause the uneven look to your carpet.

Start Raking

Homeowners who are looking to revive a carpet that is a bit worn may find their best ally in the fight is a carpet rake. This is a small rake that can possess teeth made of metal or plastic. You only need to make a normal raking motion with your carpet rake in a direction that leads away from any piles or clumps of carpet. You will be surprised at how much better your carpet begins to look after a few minutes of raking.

Know the Power of Baking Soda

You should place baking soda somewhere near the top of your list of tools used to refresh your old carpet. Baking soda is a great cleaning agent and will eliminate any bacteria present on the surface of your carpet. Baking soda will also remove odors from your carpet and add some freshness to the pile. Apply a generous cover of baking soda over your carpet at night before you go to bed. Use a brush to work the baking soda into the carpet. The next morning you only need to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda and the dirt and grime it picks up from your carpet.

Call in the Professionals

There are times when nothing less than a professional effort will do. A professional carpet cleaner like the one you can find at steam carpet cleaning Brisbane will possess both the knowledge of carpets and years of experience necessary to turn back the clock on your old and past its prime carpet.

Break Out the Shaving Cream

Stains can make a carpet look a lot older than it actually is. The good news is that shaving foam is excellent at removing stains of all kinds. Add a squirt or two to a stain on your carpet and allow the shaving cream to remain in place for half an hour. Next, use a dry cloth to blot the shaving cream.

Fluff It Up

Providing a little fluff to matted sections of your carpet will do wonders for the appearance of the carpet. Spray a bit of warm water on the matted area of the carpet. Use your fingers to fluff the carpet section into its original place while drying the surface with a blow dryer. Make sure your carpet is completely dry before allowing anyone to walk on it.

Rid the Carpet of Dents

Another way to deal with areas of your carpet that need to be fluffed back into place is to make creative use of a fork. You only need to stick the tines of a fork into the fibers of your carpet and make a brushing motion in an upward direction. You may also want to try placing an ice cube on the spot. An ice cube will make the carpet fibers expand. You can begin to dry the wet spot with a dry cloth after leaving the ice cube for a few minutes.

Bottom Line

Too many people give up on their carpet while there is still quite a bit of life left in the floor covering. Do not be one of these people. The seven tips above will help you restore your old and worn carpet to its prior form.

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