How To Make Your Own Chicken Coop DIY

How To Make Your Own Chicken Coop DIY

Keeping chickens on hand offers a lot of benefits. Chickens provide fresh eggs at a minimal cost. When done laying, chickens can be turned into delicious meat. If you are planning to bring chickens home, you’ll want to make sure they are properly housed. A chicken coop is a great idea. If you don’t see one you like on the market, you can always build your own. All you need is a bit of time and determination. The chicken coop can be fitted easily into the space you’ve created. Working with Agrilabour Australia allows anyone to get the labor and help they want it when they want it.

Planning It

Choosing a location is crucial. You want to make sure the location has both sun and shade. An area next to a large tree is good. You also want to make sure the body of the coop is situated at least two feet above the ground. This makes sure the coop raised above the ground. Chickens don’t like muddy ground. Keeping it elevated also protects the chickens from many predators. The coop needs nesting boxes, a place for the chickens to perch and a protected area where the chickens can move freely. It also needs enough ventilation to allow for cross ventilation that gets rid of additional heat inside. It should also be insulated in the advent of colder weather.

The Tools You’re Going to Need

There are a few things you’ll want to have on hand before you begin. You’ll need enough wood to create a ramp and the base of the house. You’ll also want wire mesh so the chickens can see out. Start by building the base. This should be large enough so that each chicken has room to move. You’re going to need lumber support to keep the base of the coop off the ground and support the basic structure. The basic structure will be about one to two meters tall for a flock of less than five. If you have more chickens, you’ll want to add about a meter and a half for each chicken. Larger breeds require more space than breeds that take up less space. You’ll want a saw, wood, a few nails, and chicken wire to wrap around the base.

The Interior and Exterior

Allow one nesting box per chicken inside the base of the structure as well as enough ventilation to allow the room’s moisture to escape. The exterior needs shaded spaces, a place where the chickens can eat and drink and access to the structure from the outside. Buy or cut out the nesting boxes before beginning construction on the base. The base also needs a door for the chickens to get in and out and a latch for the entire structure.

The Base

Begin with the base of the chicken coop. It should have a floor, the nesting boxes and a place where the chickens can sleep off the ground. Chickens are happier when they can sleep on a protected surface away from predators. Plywood is a good choice that allows for lightweight that can still stand up in the face of use over time. Plywood also makes for a good roof that won’t place too much stress on the surface of the entire structure. Cut out a door that the chickens can get into and out of without ease. Once you’re done with this structure, it’s time to get it in place and put up the chicken coop for your favorite bird friends.

Getting it in Place

You want to put the support in the ground before you place the structure on top of the ground. These supports should go at least a half meter in the ground. Then you can get the rest of the structure on top. You want to put in a ramp with cross lengths of wood so the chickens can climb it. Then it’s time to wrap the structure with the chicken wire. It’s easy to nail the chicken wire in place. Make sure you have enough wire to keep it from sliding down once it is at your chosen location. Then you can bring in the chickens and introduce them to their brand new permanent home.

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