As the world keeps advancing in leaps and bounds, people keep adopting savvier lifestyles made easier with advancements in the digital age. The art world in general and painting in particular is not left out. Painting has been taken a notch higher since the onset of 3D and 5D designs. The bar has been raised even higher with the birth of diamond painting. Let us explore this exciting world and what supplies you need to create those dazzling diamond painting pieces.

First, can painting be done with diamonds?

Sorry, the name is a bit misleading here. Diamond painting is simply an art form in which small resins that sparkle like diamonds are laid out on canvas in a mosaic pattern to create an awesome painting.

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All you do as a “diamond painter” is lay out your ‘diamonds’ according to the corresponding numbers on the canvas which will create a stunning sparkling pattern at the end.

This art is certainly not rocket science. You wouldn’t need more than a little training the right supplies otherwise known as your diamond painting kits.

Which supplies do you find in the kits?

The supplies or components are the same across all brands. However, each diamond painting kit may stand out based on quality and price. The supplies basically include:

1. The Diamonds

These are the special sparkling resins that create that unique diamond sparkling effect and feel. They come in various colors, each having its code that will be matched with the corresponding code also found on the canvas. The more diamonds you get matched, the more stunning the result will be.

2. Canvas

This is simply the background on which you do your job. Typically, your canvas is printed with the codes that show where each diamond is to be placed to create a great design. Some brands come with printing guides.

3. Glue or Wax

This is used to hold the diamonds together on the canvas. It is usually contained in a small tube.

4. The Diamond Applicator Pens

These are special pen-shaped tools found in the kit. They are cylindrical just like pens and have a hollow nib. This is where the wax or glue is rubbed. It is also where the diamonds are stuck before being placed on the canvas.

5. The Tray

This supply is usually a plastic tray with thin indentations that separate your diamonds thus making them easy to pick up. The corner of the tray is dipped for easy transfer of the diamonds back into their pack.

It is trite to note that some kits will come with extra supplies such as pictures of what the finished painting will look like and extra diamonds. The watchword in getting these supplies is to get them from trusted suppliers as some suppliers have been known to supply diamonds that don’t sparkle.

Diamond Xpres gives you the fantastic diamond painting supplies at amazingly cheap prices while maintaining premium quality. Get the right kit and paint with swagger getting a bigger WOW at the end!


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